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  1. No-one has answered this question yet. I too am more interested in Foxtel record-ability. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I doubt that very much Dave
  2. Ikari, Time is money and I don't like rolling in bed trying to solve problems about TV...I get the experts in......upgrades are a different story . Anyhow, I'd be interested to know how much time in total you have spent on research, haggling, buying, posting and returning STBs. It is false economy in my book if the source signal or cabling is less than optimal. I'm now watching a brilliant picture for under $300 plus STB. I don't think this is huge money and I've still got the original STB box! Dave
  3. Congrats Ikari, I found my TEAC 420 totally transformed by an antenna service. The aerial was rotated to a different transmitter and I haven't got much bad to say about the 420. My SBS is not perfect (95%) but I believe this to be more to do with my splitter which could also do with a service. Got to get under the house.... Glad to hear you're a satisfied topfield owner...my TEAC is a short term buy anyway before I get the new HD Topfield PVR next year...can't wait! Dave
  4. Don't forget for digital you may need your aerial attended to. Thanks Les Field! I too had bagged the teac 420 but as it turned out it was my antenna. When my aerial was repointed and serviced, the 420 is become very reliable and is great value for a sub $200 box. It can do component out which alot cannot without a converter and TEAC do upgrade the firmware on these boxes. Unfortunately on forums you typically hear a lot of whingeing and all the happy punters are sitting back watching TV and not posting. My kids are currently watching Nick Jr on fox hence my reason for being on the DBA forum! Dave
  5. Probably before you were born, dude!! Laserdiscs were 12" precursors to DVD. The Laserdisc soundtrack from TopGun was awesome on a full-range system but the DVD version I have [well ... had ... until someone didn't return it!] seems ho-hum? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The dialogue seems louder than the effects and music. They seem to be muffled in comparison...gosh this show is cheesy...but the one liners...gold! Back to Viper's office Dave
  6. I've read April 2005 Don't hold your breath Dave
  7. Pig, Have you set your DVD to 16:9 out? This can eliminate the black bars on WIDE. You'll get a much better picture than setting on CINEMA as the scaling should match better. Have you dared the service menu? I'd love to know as I have noticed my left side has overscan and the top left sags from the THX optimiser. Dave :ph34r:
  8. Try the RGB/Component converter and SCART Cable avaialble from Hantrex http://www.australiandigitaltv.com.au/acce...ies/rgbcomp.htm - both had great reviews from Toppy owners using them. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I tried this with a UEC and I got a fantastic picture but it was RED Definitely worth a try but with the UEC it's a lottery! Dave
  9. I prefer the digital hyper off. I find that it can introduce blur on foxtel but I haven't tried it with DVD. I'm very happy with the 100Hz setting on my 32SW9UA. I have also switched off the DNR and have achieved a great picture using the THX video calibration set up that can be found in the menu of some DVDs. Dave
  10. Hello Pig, I'm a blind chook when it comes to the service menu but during my research for my 32SW9UA I found this site. Its for RPCRT but I've read on AV forum in the UK that the combination of buttons works for their direct view CRT. I have little idea of what the menu looks like or how to save the settings. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!! Toshiba Tips and Tweaks BTW let me know how you go but fortunately I've no known problems with my set so far! My best advice from others is to grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down the current settings so you can retrieve if a stuff up occurs. You are FOOL not to do this!!! Dave :ph34r:
  11. Hi Andw, My DVB420 is going back to myer tomorrow. I had it for a week and initially it could not even auto tune TEN. After manually tuning TEN the amount of crap that the box has sent to the tune is unbearable. I've had lock up, screeches, pixelation, artefact, moire the works. Can the nordmende output component? Dave
  12. thanks Les I'm beginning to think that it is the Teac DVB420 as there were no storms in sight last night and all the problems were popping up...especially the lock ups. The signal strength was good too. Apologies to TEN but it's the only station that has caused any problems. Do you think I should change my box over for a better one or just a new one? It's only a week old! Dave
  13. I wish you all the best of luck Mark Dave
  14. The picture is improved with the extra processing switched off. There can be all sorts of extras built into TVs eg edge enhancement, sharpness and I find it better (and other smart punters) to minimise or switch off entirely. The digital hyper caused some blurring on Fox. Joy on Nick Jnr (OK I've got two toddlers) wears a red long sleeve t-shirt and at one time when she was waving her arms the blurring was significant. Turned off and set to 100Hz blurring gone. The picture in the store is not comparable to the final memory settings that you can achieve at home after calibrating with the THX set up. I have not even finished with this disc at the colour settings have only been done by skin tones. The later 16:9 stuff looked OK at the time but I may later go back and fine tune if necessary. You should be able to get the box for about 3K but other hagglers have done better. I couldn't be bothered as I just wanted to get home and watch TV. I am not a price sensitive shopper. PQ, dimensions and user friendliness were higher on my list. I believe that other 76ers can be discounted further as the Toshiba's list price is not much over 2.5K making discounting difficult. The 9UA also in my area is found at Myer. Even Myer has to make profit somewhere. Dave
  15. stuff the EPG I just want TEN to improve their signal. I set up my teac DVB420 on Wednesday and TEN was the only channel not to be automatically tuned. The lock ups, artifacts, pixellation, hi pitched cheeps is unique only to the channel. I realise that their have been storms but this is crap compared to analogue. not happy TEN Dave