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  1. Good Morning All, I am now a proud owner of a 60 incher with the sony stand. Very nice.
  2. Chask, I recommend sony, panasonic and toshiba in the 32 inch WSCRT range. Some may say grundig and loewe are worth consideration but I have no experience. I think your best bet is to look at seconds, repacks or even used. I bought one of the last panasonic 32 inch CRTs with inbuilt SD tuner last year. This is in addition to my toshiba which I am still very fond of. I have difficulty recommending LG as I too have had direct problems with the brand. Dave
  3. Hi Chask, I recommend a 32 inch WS CRT for your configuration. Dave
  4. alpha, Is your DVDR able to handle a RGB input via scart. My panasonic is a 50 model and I can input RGB via the scart. I fairly sure the newer models cannot and s-video is best. Don't fret about s-video being inferior to component. It is more than adequate for fox. In fact on my father's LCD composite was better than component. I could not believe it! So the moral is check all outputs by eye and don't get to hyped up over the theory. There probably will be some less expensive scalers coming out soon or maybe consider a HTPC ( relationship warning = hobby, low WAF and is not an appliance) Here is a good link to show the benefits of good scaling for 576i hifi writer you may need to scroll down. good luck Dave
  5. Hi Alpha, LCDs IMO don't like low bit rates and low resolutions fed to them. I do the same as you with my panasonic DVDR and I find the progressive cleaner and more natural but the downside is flicker at times. Overall well worth doing and occasionally I revert back to interlaced and 100Hz but always go back to the progressive. I use a toshiba 76cm CRT and it is very forgiving of poor sources. It also fortunately displays HD beautifully although I am hard pressed to notice much difference between 1080i and 720p. Just wish it was 60+ inches. I also have my fox IQ passed through toppy and then thru the DVDR. This deinterlaces my SD as well as fox. Your problem would be solved if all sources were HD and high bit rate! If you watch alot of fox and money is not an issue consider a quality scaler such as DVDO good luck Dave
  6. X, Hello again. consider the 60 or 70 inch sony SXRD for your upgrade. LCD makes for a great monitor but I cannot handle them with video especially sport. I am not only referring to lag (that is less existent nowadays) but the blacks don't meet my requirements and you will instantly be disappointed if you have a top quality CRT. LCD also sucks with poor source material. My father's 32 inch NEC LCD looks better via composite than component on foxtel. I have wanted to like LCD for ages but I think they have a long way to go to satisfy my picky requirements. The sonys may be over your budget but represent excellent value for money and are 1920x1080p and have I think a 2ms response time. BTW, I still have my toshiba and apart from being small I still love it. Looking to upgrade to the sony beast soon. Remember that no display is perfect but 70 inches would certainly impress your friends! Dave
  7. silver, take at look at these kiss technology I have no personal experience but they do have scart. Scart can only handle SD at best so any HD viewing will need to be connected by component or HDMI. I know you can get them here Len Wallis good luck Dave
  8. Nice one Nev, I know you are a very busy man now (snigger snigger) Can you divulge your sources? Are you impressed/disappointed with SD? I found DVD via composite very watchable on the sony 60 incher. This monster is going to love a top quality HD source. Dave
  9. Dear All, I had an excellent pest free half hour sit down today for the first time with the 60 inch sony SXRD. I was kicking tyres but I think I may be hooked on this beast. The display model in store had picture (contrast) at max and all the digital switches on. Eagerly I asked the store gentleman if I could have a play with the settings. Very impressive menu, remote OK, turned off all digital stuff but left the DRC setting on. The iris was also set to minimum. This is a very bright RPTV. I don’t like to watch in the dark like others but I do normally watch at low light. First we were watching the TEN loop at 1080i. Very nice but it doesn’t represent the stuff I watch. I love sport and the odd movie. Second, last Monday’s Sopranos on DVD prepared digitally from my toppy. The connection from the sony DVD player was the lowly composite. In defence of the dealer he did apologise profusely but I was OK with seeing how good the sony could handle such a permutation. So the show despite my doubts was extremely watchable. In fact I could have easily settled in for a big session. The sony could have one so immersed you can forget the clock. This episode had plenty of the usual dark scenes and the sony didn’t disappoint. The blacks were the best I have seen from a digital display. Obviously the picture quality had some downsides, there was some shimmer and there appeared to be more noticeable around eyes and fine detail. Overall, for a 576i MPEG2 compressed, I could definitely cope. I did not see the low power mode settings so I’m sure there is more improvement. I told the dealer that he could set it all back to the old settings but somehow I think the quick calibrations I did on the two inputs will be staying. I am very keen to see it with a foxtel representation, SD FTA, DVD connected via HDMI and/or component and my laptop. I can see a display that would be a delight to have connected to a dedicated HTPC! There is no doubt that this sucker loves a high bit rated HD signal. I can’t wait to do the full scrutiny on the 70 incher. Dave
  10. Ross10, "I wonder if that means no-one's game to recommend a person (even themselves), or if there's no-one worth recommending?" don't be like that...you do need help....but you have to be patient. The Newcastle viewers forum has a fairly low patronage. End Rant I can recommend a regular poster on the Newcastle Viewers forum, Mr Les Field 4961 6393. Not sure if he goes to RT but he should be able to advise. hope your new set up makes you less grumpy Dave
  11. Well done Steerpike, We would get more quality discussion about products on these forums and less "where can I find the lowest price" threads with lessons like this. Hope your TV behaves itself now on! Dave
  12. I used womble briefly and became frustrated with it. I had aspect problems for some reason and changed to video redo plus and found it very user friendly. Video redo is for me! Dave
  13. no worries mate, how has the picture quality improved? Dave
  14. sorry Napalm, napalm by name, napalm by nature. You may have walked into a hornet's nest. CRT RPTV can be calibrated to millimetres for correct geometry. It is in the hidden service menu and I wouldn't go there unless you have the service manual and you know what you are doing. Owen has his geometry sorted to a bee's whisker from his own accounts and I'm not going to argue with him. He is not the world's best speller but he knows how to fine tune his hitachi RPTV! Sonys can be fine tuned too but depending on where you live you may have a qualified calibrator available to turn your "analogue" into a high class digital moving picture. Most CRT RPTVs look like shite is not focused properly. When the three guns are aligned properly and the greyscale is correct look out, you may become addicted to your TV! A properly set up CRT RPTV can still hold its own in this digital world when given a love pat. Dave (who is drooling over the new 70 inch sony SXRDs)
  15. Sure is, my father is looking to upgrade and I'm sure he'll be disappointed having to put up with the crap blacks of an LCD. Dave