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  1. Hi mate, Do you still have Sweeney Todd for sale?
  2. Looking for True Blood season 1 - pm me with your price! Cheers
  3. For trade: A serious man (Region B - brand new, watched once) Milk (Region B - brand new, watched once) Looking for: Harry Potter and the half-blood prince Battlestar Gallactica - the plan Pans Labyrinth Moon
  4. 28 weeks later (opened but never watched) $16 including postage Will also trade for Event Horizon, Watchmen US Directors cut
  5. A serious offer, yeah, right!
  6. 28 weeks later for sale/trade (opened but never watched, as new) $16 including postage Will trade for Event Horizon or Watchmen (US directors version) Cheers
  7. erroneous post!
  8. Selling/trading 28 WEEKS LATER Aus release (opened but never watched) $18 including postage Will also trade for Event Horizon or Watchmen (director's cut, US)
  9. Are we still in the dark ages or something? The notion that some people would be uncomfortable with this movie makes me shake my head - people need to grow up.
  10. edited
  11. I just spoke to Sony and they said the TV will only send 5.1 from the digital tuner, it wont from HDMI inputs!!!!! This seems to be a crazy design - you have a great Hi-def TV and when connecting with HDMI (the gold standard for Hi Def) you cant send 5.1 to your surround system, your stuck with stereo!!! Thankfully I have an amp with multiple HDMI inputs and can also output HDMI to the TV, so I can get around this problem by purchasing another HDMI cable, but if you dont have an amp with HDMI capability your up sh#t creek!!!
  12. Thanks alot - do you know where in the menu? Ive looked everywhere but I cant seem to see this option anywhere?
  13. Hi guys, Just wanting to know if the optical out from the 46x3000 is capable of sending 5.1 digital dolby surround sound? Im sending the TV picture and sound via HDMI and for some reason the TV is only sending stereo signal out the optical out. The Sony manual has a diagram saying to connect to surround systems via the optical out of the Sony, but what use is this if it cant send 5.1 surround?