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  1. Hi mate, Do you still have Sweeney Todd for sale?
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a wii, let me know if you are selling!! Cheers
  3. Official confirmation that the STAR WARS saga is being prepared for release in the not too distant future!!! http://au.bluray.ign.com/articles/108/1084415p1.html
  4. Looking for True Blood season 1 - pm me with your price! Cheers
  5. For trade: A serious man (Region B - brand new, watched once) Milk (Region B - brand new, watched once) Looking for: Harry Potter and the half-blood prince Battlestar Gallactica - the plan Pans Labyrinth Moon
  6. Can someone confirm whether we are getting a free trial of all HD channels or not? We are currently receiving all the new HD channels - does this mean we now will always get them or will it revert back to our previous HD package in a couple of weeks?
  7. That was hilarious, in a somewhat disturbing way. The phrase "get a life" has never been more apt. I guess this guy doesnt have much to hold on to - sad really.
  8. 28 weeks later (opened but never watched) $16 including postage Will also trade for Event Horizon, Watchmen US Directors cut
  9. \m/ \m/
  10. A serious offer, yeah, right!
  11. Watched it last night and wasnt overly impressed with the quality - its on the lower end of bluray quality imo. Its certainly not bad, but I had hoped for more.
  12. 28 weeks later for sale/trade (opened but never watched, as new) $16 including postage Will trade for Event Horizon or Watchmen (US directors version) Cheers
  13. erroneous post!