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  1. Hahahahahh yeah thats so funny man lol you really burned austar and foxtel right there hahahaha thats so gold its like I have never ever heard this about another product hahahah you should do standup mate its so funny hahahahhaha lollolololol.
  2. Well if that isnt the pot calling the kettle black...
  3. Well by the sounds of your previous rants, you just seem to think that every single mystar decoder is buggy and broken. There are 2000+ mystar decoders in the field, and what, a few people on here have a **** saying they have problems? OMGZ MAEN ITS A PUBLIC BETA ITS A CONSPIRACY GET MY TIN FOIL HAT! Your such an ass with, for some reason, a grudge against austar. Its not a public beta. You people are not "guinea pigs". Get over yourself.
  4. Well, my MyStar has worked flawlessly, only 1 failed recording and that was due to a power blackout. 2 months and no epg problems, no "black screens" or random reboots. makes me think what else people are trying to do with the decoder thats making it so hard to use.
  5. Billing is open from 7am - 12noon saturday, if you have a technical issue with your service, then you will need to speak to technical support, which are open till 9pm every day. If you actually use the IVR correctly, you wouldnt have these problems.
  6. Theres nothing to debate with you, your a pathetic troll that has taken it up a notch and received the class of full fledged ****wit.
  7. lucky no one has a gun to your head forcing you to have a mystar decoder, watch these shows, record them, and play them back now do they?
  8. Advantage? That is the biggest wank option I have ever seen, which cost them more money to develop weighed up against how many people are actually going to bother with that.
  9. god forbid a piece of technology fails Im also guessing, other than ranting on here you have called mystar technical support or do you find ranting on here and letting the mystar sit there more achievable, but , whatever makes you sleep at night dude. So it dosnt record your movie, oh it so that must mean the other thousand + decoders all have the same problem and the mystar project should be scrapped and never been mentioned again. Seriously, think you can do better? Why havnt you made your own pdr and created your own paytv service and sold it across australia? I think I can answer that for you. you have no idea, and that goes out to the other whiners on here.
  10. Different name? Sorry, check ip's before you start accusing thanks. I could of mentioned the dialup modems, but I didnt, who the **** wants to have a phone cable stuck into the back of their decoder? not me, and lots of other people.
  11. I bet you thought you were pretty "smart" and "edgy" when you posted this. Oh well, time to take it apart and point out where your wrong. It takes around 15seconds to load the EPG, my Flinders and Atlas decoders take around 8-10 seconds. I guess waiting an extra 5seconds just cause's all sorts of problems. Totally unrelated to mystar, all you have to do when you load the EPG is *gasp* press the mute button. As of yet, no, not that it is life and death importance, sure it would be nice, feedback has been forwarded to austar, and they will get it up when they can. Once again, Unrelated to mystar, interactive ad's dont work on austar. this is only even new to IQ, and since the mystar is such a new product to the public, it is in testing stages. Another unrelated mystar issue. the austar sat is one way only. Is it too much to press that small "TV Guide" Button on the remote? Dont really think so. I guess your foxtel manager cant give you that bonus for that post he was going to give you now that your completely wrong.
  12. Im well aware of the email thanks champ, and no where does it state that if you have been invited for a pre-release mystar install, that you will be a guinea pig, nor does it even come close to emphasizing it. The real "guinea pigs" are the programmers, the developers, and the staff who have trialed it well before they have been issued to customers. Sorry, but judging by your previous post's also, your just grasping at straws to have a dig at austar, and its quite sad.
  13. Seriously, stop being a troll. People arnt getting treated like guinea pigs. I cant believe the arrogance of some people on here. You have been invited to have a pre-retail release product before a shitload of other people, and the majority of you just ****. "oh it should do this oh it should do that oh im so smart I could make something a bajillion times better"
  14. Thats common for any install, regardless if its mystar or not. you could of had an outlet relocated,full new install, additional outlet. they will be there for less than 5 mins, they just want to check out how it was installed / how it looks, no big deal.
  15. Short answer no no and no. It really isnt too hard to realise why they have disabled them.