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  1. Hi I live just around the corner in Bonogin. I can fix it for you. Call me 0403 808 434 Les
  2. rain lowers the signal so maybe the level is a bit high. You could try an attenuator which lowers the signal. Dick Smith may have then. All this advise is only guesswork without checking you signal.
  3. Do all the channels play up, you may have so channels tuned in from the side of the antenna. If you are off Mt Coutha you may be picking signal from Mt Tamborine. You may have too much signal coming in, the old tv could handle it but the new can't. A gold plate flylead looks nice but if you have an RG6 flylead already, gold plated won't make any difference.
  4. You should receive prime, how are the other channels. I did a job in nineteenth Ave and they received all channels SBS, SC10, Seven, Ten, Nine, ABC, Prime and Nbn.
  5. You call install a seperate system to receive digital only off Springbrook, Call Les at www.SwitchOntoDigitalTV.com.au on 0403 808 434 he will give you good advise on the phone and give a free signal test and quote. He lives in Mudgeeraba and services most of the Gold Coast.
  6. Hi I used a guy who was very professional and with reasonable rates, his website was SwitchontoDigitalTV.com.au he does most of the Gold Coast