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  1. Radio parts have a few, start at about $900 Radio Parts
  2. Hi I live just around the corner in Bonogin. I can fix it for you. Call me 0403 808 434 Les
  3. I use Hills splitters, 4 way costs about $3, never had a problem with them.
  4. I mostly use Hills Q amp, fully adjustable, low noise and never had one fail. I don't go out and whack up a booster, I was just using this because it was in the above post. If an installer gives a quote of $700 to install a masthead amp and never mentions antenna replacement and relocation I must assume that quote is to just fit the amp. I've been in business on the Gold Coast for over 6 years and most work is through referrals. I have seen quotes to install an antenna on a new house prewired with rg6, line of sight to the transmitter of $500. So with a quote of $500, an antenna Hills TMX16 approx. $50, tripod mount $25, cable & fittings $20, 4 way splitter $5 so with these prices this installer is charging $400 labour. This job on a new house in a new estate with perfect signal should not cost more than $200 and take an hour and a bit.
  5. Hi Just reading the post were the customer was quoted $400 to $700 to install a masthead amp. For me if a masthead amp is required I would charge approx $180, which includes replacing cable from antenna to splitter and replacing splitter. I believe this is a fair price $50 for booster, $3 for splitter and $20 for cable and fittings, leaving $90 for labour and traveling after GST. For $700 I could do 2 full installs with boosters. I hate people being ripped off What do other installer charge?
  6. rain lowers the signal so maybe the level is a bit high. You could try an attenuator which lowers the signal. Dick Smith may have then. All this advise is only guesswork without checking you signal.
  7. Do all the channels play up, you may have so channels tuned in from the side of the antenna. If you are off Mt Coutha you may be picking signal from Mt Tamborine. You may have too much signal coming in, the old tv could handle it but the new can't. A gold plate flylead looks nice but if you have an RG6 flylead already, gold plated won't make any difference.
  8. Hi if you are in the Palm Beach area you should be receiving UHF from Currumbin, so you should have a small antenna not a big wide one. My be you have a smaller antenna mounted lower and your big antenna is left over from 20 years ago.
  9. AWA HD box under $80 from BigW with usb playback of photos and divx with HDMI
  10. I have done many jobs in Coomera and Upper Coomera, never had a problem. $300 for phased array antenna, booster, standard tripod mount and splitter.
  11. Some houses in Coomera receive there signal from Tamberine and some from Brisbane. Some have large VHF antennas and some have small UHF antennas. Your antenna sounds like a cheap phased array UHF antenna. It may need a booster or relocating or just realigning. Most of the new houses have there antennas install by electricians with out the right equipment and they just point it in the general direction.
  12. I had 65dB but no MER or BER on channel 9 and I'm off Tamborine. I also have a problem with GO being scrambled on my Topfield but 9 is perfect, this can happen for days but only on the Topfield, any ideas? Thanks Les
  13. It's back this morning. I believe Springbrook was off all day yesterday, had customer ringing all day.
  14. I got the usb working, I have a 500gb HD hooked up and can copy file off an on to the HD. Harvey Norman would not replace it, they have had too many returns, if I want it replaced or a refund I have to go through Topfield. Might try again tonight see a different salesperson.
  15. I purchased 7150 a few weeks back. I had the first unit replaced because it would randomly reset and if recording would lose the recording. Testing the replacement I have the same problem and more. If watching a channel and a timer recording starts the unit changes to the recording channel and you have change back manually. If you are watching a recorded show the unit changes to the recording program for a few seconds then changes back. A real pain, I have never seen this before. Audio goes out of sink on some channels and I lose audio on some channels while recording another show, if I reset the unit I lose the recording. I get a "Check your reservation Main service will be changed" message which can only be removed by turning the unit off. You cannot start playback of a show while it is still recording. A few thing in the manual do not work, no advanced settings and cannot copy from USB as per manual. There are a lot more little bugs I have not mentioned. I am returning it to Harvey Normal today for a refund. Les