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  1. Ok, thanks - my suggestion wasn’t much help then. I thought it would at least cache the EPG. Possibly a couple of suggestions for future firmware fixes/enhancements?
  2. Can you set view timers in the Magic PVR to do this (view timers don’t record, they just switch to the service set in the timer)? In our Beyonwiz DP-S1s I have overlapping 6 minute daily view timers for each channel (ABC, SBS, Prime, NBN, SC10) set to fire early in the morning to update the EPG automatically each day. The wiz then caches the updated EPG to the HDD. The wiz will come out of standby for the view timers then go back to standby when completed. I re-name each view timer to something like ‘ABC EPG update’ so they don’t get deleted by mistake.