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  1. I was wondering this. Does it have View Timers (non recording timers) like the Beyonwiz PVRs, so that short daily view timers can be set for each TV network to update the EPG (which is then saved)? Or does it use the slave tuner to do all this automatically in the background when the slave tuner isn’t being used?
  2. Hi simdi, I recently purchased a superseded refurbished Beyonwiz PVR to add to my almost 5 year old Beyonwiz collection & was very happy with this latest purchase. The standard 3mths warranty for refurbished Beyonwiz PVRs can be increased to 12mths for an additional $49. The Beyonwiz forum http://www.beyonwiz....pbb2/index.php? is a good place to get information about Beyonwiz products. Some of the forum regulars have posted helpful instructions & suggestions in the various sub-forums & are willing to help if one is still stuck after carrying out some research. In addition to WizFX suggested by Peter, I find YARDWiz (written by one of the Beyonwiz forum regulars, using prl’s getWizPnP) a very good alternative for downloading from the wiz to PC in Beyonwiz native format or converting to .ts format. Both products work quite well.
  3. I don’t have any experience with the PVR facility but all the TCL TVs we have used on holidays leave me pretty unimpressed even after trying to improve them via the setup menu – in my opinion, compared to older & newer Panasonics; they had poor audio, average video & an average menu system. Having said that, I think the sets were about 3 years old, so later models may have improved. I also think a lot depends on what one expects from a TV, I'm not trying to be smart, but some people may be perfectly happy with a TCL.
  4. Panasonic Australia’s website was experiencing problems two days ago when I tried to download a User Manual for one of the TVs I was considering. I rang the phone number (132 600) on their website & after explaining the problem I was having they emailed a .pdf copy out. BTW – a very impressive TV (compared to other well known brand TVs I have recently played with), but I don’t know much about their recorders.
  5. Hi Loppy, I’m not sure what your final plans are, but if you decide to go with two Beyonwiz PVRs & if you ever plan for recordings to be viewed from both Beyonwiz PVRs at the same time with one of those recordings being streamed from one (the ‘server’) to the other (the ‘client’) via the LAN - keep in mind Peter’s (prl) reply (below) to ‘StanB’ in your other topic ‘PVR Dillema - So Many Choices’: prl wrote "... Also, streaming HD broadcasts from one BW to another may not work reliably unless the BW that's serving the stream is placed in a mode where it's not doing any other operations, including decoding live TV, by placing it in either the SETUP or FilePlayer menu. This problem may have reduced somewhat thanks to the reduction in bitrate of HD broadcasts since the introduction of the third digital service from each of the broadcasters (fourth in the case of the ABC). …"
  6. Going by the video you’ve done a nice job. Regards,
  7. I just had a look & couldn’t detect any pixilation during fast moving scenes over a 10min period (Prime TV4 being received from Middle Brother NSW). This was received on a Beyonwiz DP-S1 > 720p to a Panasonic TX-32LXD600A LCD TV … and also … a Beyonwiz DP-S1 > 1080i to a Yamaha RX-V3900 > 1080p to a Sony KDL46X2000 LCD TV. Recording this & transferring to a PC, ‘MediaInfo’ shows the overall bit rate as 2,755 kbps (2.69 Mbps), with video bitrate as 2,436 kbps (2.379 Mbps) & audio bitrate as 128 kbps. I don’t know how that compares to Seven’s TV4ME (H.264 with HE-AAC 2.0 audio)? Since Prime TV4 came on line in September I get brief pixilation in Prime’s (LCN 6) local news whenever a field reporter switches back to the studio reporter. I don’t know how TV4 would cope with this situation at its low bit rates? I believe some receivers lost audio on Seven TV4ME when Seven’s TV4ME audio changed a few days ago from AAC 2.0 to HE-AAC 2.0 - I’m not sure if this has been posted before in this topic (I skipped over about 80% of the posts in this topic ). Edit: LCN corrected.
  8. Ok, thanks - my suggestion wasn’t much help then. I thought it would at least cache the EPG. Possibly a couple of suggestions for future firmware fixes/enhancements?
  9. Can you set view timers in the Magic PVR to do this (view timers don’t record, they just switch to the service set in the timer)? In our Beyonwiz DP-S1s I have overlapping 6 minute daily view timers for each channel (ABC, SBS, Prime, NBN, SC10) set to fire early in the morning to update the EPG automatically each day. The wiz then caches the updated EPG to the HDD. The wiz will come out of standby for the view timers then go back to standby when completed. I re-name each view timer to something like ‘ABC EPG update’ so they don’t get deleted by mistake.
  10. I haven’t come across that error message, but I have had that version of WizFX (ver. hang a couple of times when trying to exit, requiring it to be shut down with Windows Task Manager. I haven’t had any problems with the older version of WizFX (ver. & prefer to use that to convert from wiz native format (.tvwiz) to .ts format when required, so you might like to try that version if ver. gives you any more dramas. WizFX ver. can be found here; . If you manage to get YARDWiz working on your system you will find it does work quite well & can download in either .tvwiz format or .ts format – it also does scheduled downloads. FYI - WizFX will also download from a wiz to a PC but it won’t give any error messages if it fails to carry out a complete copy whereas YARDWiz will (this was a problem with an earlier wiz firmware version). You can find more info about YARDWiz in this topic; under ‘beyonwiz forum > Wiz Tech > Content, Software and USB’ & also via the link in Luke’s posts in that topic.
  11. Mjr69, in the absence of prl, & seeing you are desperate, I can help you with that last problem. WizFX.exe can join all the 32,768kB files together. WizFX download can be found here; In WizFX, under ‘Folders’ find & hi-lite the folder containing all the 32,768kB files you wish to convert to a single .ts file, then click on ‘Change TS File’.
  12. If you can get the recordings off the 7000’s internal HDD onto a PC, this old topic; may be helpful. Some of the information is somewhat outdated - for example ‘fat32format’ now comes as a GUI option. 'Ext2 IFS' may even work on the 7000’s internal HDD.
  13. Yes it’s working for me too, but it’s still somewhat screwed up. Have a look at the few posts before your last ones under ‘WizOTT > Anyone using WizOTT?’ & you will see what I mean.
  14. Yes, but when I last looked there were quite a few recent posts & at least one topic missing. A few posts had also been moved to the wrong topics & under the wrong usernames. The beyonwiz forum via the ‘paigecomm’ url appears to be correct.
  15. Sorry, I didn’t see the same topic under Regional NSW. Good news about the short term audio losses. Thanks for the feedback.