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  1. Owen, I think there is a way to raise gamma in the SM. Take a look at this thread: It's for XBR1, but I've found exact submenu in my set. I have adjust DGAIN_B down by 2, and the mid range, and top end blue gamma is closer to the average. Let me know what do you think of the controls. PANEL #9 DRV submenu. They are labeled BIAS_R, DGAIN_R, BIAS_G, DGAIN_G, BIAS_B, and DGAIN_B
  2. Can 60" owners verify the following service menu default setting: WEM 057 000 UGAM 25 It is input dependent, eg: the value for HDMI2 is 52, component is 20. With the build in tuner, SD channels is 20, and HD channels is 25. HD channel is the one I want to verify the default setting. You might have to press "9", and then "0" to read the value, while you're on a HD channel. OWEN, I bought an i1 display lite to do my own calibration using HCFR. The TV's default gamma is ~1.8 (component, composite). I also use the i1 software to calibrate my HTPC via HDMI, and I think it looks better with 2.2 target then the 1.8. Which gamma target did you use? I am very pleased with the result using the i1. I get better black level, more balanced colour, and most important of all - shadow detail. Here is my delta results: IRE (HDMI using imatch) Component 00 (184.6) 163 10 (84.6) 38.2 20 (17.9) 10.7 30 (10.4) 1.6 40 (5.5) 4.4 50 (4.5) 5.0 60 (2.8) 3.5 70 (2.2) 1.4 80 (2.0) 1.1 90 (4.6) 2.0 100 (4.8) 3.4 Is there any other controls other than RGB gain & bias that can improve grey scale. One final question, when setting black level, should IRE 2, and IRE 3 be visible?
  3. Is that a way to force analog audio with HDMI input in the service manual? I am connecting my 8600GT with DVI-HDMI cable, with the driver installed, the TV rejects analog audio input. So at the moment, I don't have sound through TV speakers.