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  1. Disappointing pricing structure for the sports channels. I guess the promised al a carte doesn't apply to content people actually might want...
  2. You could get Play TV for the PS3 and it'll do most of what you're after. I use one to watch, pause, replay FTA TV and use PS3 streamer to access files on my iMac. It upscales everything to 1080P, plays pretty much every audio format and you have the games and bluray playback as a bonus. You have to remux HD mkv files to m2ts (which takes about a minute - both are usually H264) but that's quicker than transcoding mkv to mp4 for the Apple TV (I have both). If you don't want the PC left on (to stream), you can watch content via USB key (or burned disk if you want to pretend it's 2005 ;-). If your Apple TV is v3 (the small black one) it doesn't have a hard drive and so you'll have to stream anyway.
  3. I saw a demo during a recent trip to the US. The sound is ok for in-built speakers but is a long way short of even a fairly basis 5.1 system. Given the price (I think the US retail was > $5k) I'd be surprised if it caught on.
  4. The OP might also want to bare in mind that the new IQ2 (or HD whatever - without the SCART) does not output HD via component. HDMI only.
  5. I can confirm that the latest IQ2 boxes do not output HD via component. HDMI only.
  6. Another problem that Panasonic will, no doubt, deny is their fault
  7. What kind of tv is it? Is it defintely 1080i (rather than 1080p as most plamsa and LCD displays are). Check the PS3 setting to make sure the video output is 1080i (or p if necessary). My PS3 outputs 1080p to a 50" 1080p plasma via HDMI and both PS3 menu and Play TV guide text are very sharp.
  8. April 2003 LG 42" SD plasma. $7000 without a digital tuner or speakers. LG were mostly rubbished on these forums at the time but it's never missed a beat. Connected to STB by VGA and to a Powerbook by DVI for most of it's life. Religated to bedroom status by a Panasonic 50V10 in January 2010, and enjoying it's well earned retirement.
  9. vlc for mac plays m2ts files. If you can extract the m2ts from your iso file, the mac will play these ok.
  10. Can you tune SBS? My Play TV out of the box, in January, didn't have the latest firmware and wouldn't allow you to select Australia as the geographic region. It used other, and would tune most channels, but not SBS. The Australia setting might impact on the picture quality (although it probably won't). Given that the most people, myself included, have been impressed with the quality of the tuner, I wonder whether you need to play around with the video settings in the PS3. That said, mine is connected to a 50" plasma rather than projector, and, as you state, if you're happy with games and BluRay movies it shouldn't be the settings. Strange.
  11. Panasonic have been quite clear that they don't see this as a problem. All plasmas will show decreased performance as they age. Unless you watch in complete darkness it is unlikely you will notice any change. For all the statistical data measurement, there has been no definite conclusion to how, when and by what value this occurs. The only plasmas that offered significantly improved black levels (the various Pioneer's) came a a price premium that was not accepted by a large enough market for the the manufacturer to viably continue to develop them. As an enthusiast that may be hard to accept, however, we have still not yet had a single Panasonic owner, on these boards, report that they can no longer, visually, abide their plasma's performance.
  12. Robbylion You seem to be the first person to visually recognise the loss of black. Were you watching in a darkened room at the time? Do you usually watch in the dark? (this will accentuate the grey look). How did the Blu-Ray look? Were you aware of a loss of clarity in the dark scenes? I'm not trying to interrogate you, however there are a lot of assumptions and opinions floating around this issue. I'm keen to hear about actual first hand evidence. Thanks
  13. Pneu Is you plasma now unwatchable? I'm dubious about these quoted figures given that amateur way the data is likely collected. I'm still waiting for someone who's screen became so bad that they had to replace it. Given your plasma is between 1 and 2 years old, how annoying is the watching experience?
  14. Thornton I use a PS3 with PlayTV connected to 50V via HDMI to address this. The PS3 sends everything at 1080p and SD looks quite good (although I mostly choose HD anyway). In fact I'm happy enough with the Play TV that I don't use the Panny's in-built tuner at all. I previously had SD foxtel digital connected via SCART to Component and the fact that the Pace box would only output 576i meant that it looked soft, and contributed to my decision to pack the foxtel in. Upscaled to 1080p is the way to go.
  15. Your only serious. If you were really serious you'd go to the cinema more often