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  1. Hey guys, Any news on the upgrade for 1.4...? also have a question i plugged my xtreamer into the anthem d2v and i get picture but no sound..funny thing is that everytime i do plug it in the settings change on my xtreamer and doesnt allow for 1080p playback as its greyed out.. so i thought it was maybe the hdmi cable so i picked up a few Kordz EVX to try and sort out the issues but it hasnt..any ideas....?
  2. Is this A/B design-class....?
  3. So tempted to get this ...... then ill have 3...hahahaha
  4. If the sale falls through with the rotel amp let me know! cheers.
  5. got a quick question when going into setup then source setup i scroll down to dvd 1 and when i select it the screen goes pink....does anyone else have this...? is this normal...?
  6. LOL i like that..hahahaha well im not goin to argue the just saying for me its not cheaper thats all...
  7. what are you goin to do in the mean time.. no music no movies...just the thought makes me go crazy!.. all the best with the sale!
  8. Thanks for the info. i wont be able to get this up and running until i get some cables...seems like everyone got extra cables from mark...LOL i just didnt know id be picking up a D2v..
  9. Look it all comes down too where you shop far as im concerned i can get most of there products much cheaper else where... i dont shop at coles or woolworths because there expensive to start off with .. but in saying that there on par with coles and woolies. you still dont end up in front no matter what you buy if you shop at the big stores...simple
  10. sweet thanks did a bit of research im surprised you guys didnt go for this in melbourne!
  11. Blade need some help setting this up... what cords you using for your cat's and subs...? also would i need another set of cables for 2 channel...? Reason why im asking is because im looking at the back of it and there are sockets for 2-channel - in (balanced) then there's the main audio out...
  12. What are you guys smoking!..LOL. You can walk in to the store for free and look around! you only have to join when you buy things... I spent about an hour there last week to have a look around and ill tell you now there prices arnt cheap. Yes you buy in bulk but dont get fooled into thinking that yr gettin it cheaper works out to be the same as everywhere else.. they dont sell everything and most of there meat and seafood is there brand..When i looked around i didnt see any full trolleys whats soever.. its all a gimmick.. i browsed and saw nothing cheap it all pro-rata with size and price!
  13. Hey Everyone, I just recieved my Anthem D2v ...yay so excited but havent had a chance to set the bugger up with so many things going on at the moment, i couldnt resist and had to crack open the box to have a look. Blade your right i wasnt expecting it to be this light but as jason pointed out to me it has no amps and also asked about the upgrade to hdmi 1.4.. It should be available in the next month i think ..
  14. Would this be able to power 2 front speakers 250w each at 8ohms and one centre 150w at 8ohms...?