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  1. guys, wat is yr rank now?
  2. still hvnt receive invitation? dannywss PSN
  3. Canon, it is only fun when there is a lot of enemy, and you manage to get SONG of xxx? i forgot, tats when your sword start "singing" and bcome red, and everything just soo cool... other than tat.. boring.. btw, how come all women must be topless? uhh, cant stand it.. ugly so, for me + 1 for assassin creed and mb WARHAWK!!
  4. becareful there, u might crash again, and then it will stop playing any game, like mine... cost $250 to fix it. i am also interested to know where to get tat patch thing... have finished 1 assasin, going for 2nd assassin, still have not crash even once YET..
  5. ID: dannywss
  6. quoted and gonna be fixed. For $250 ...
  7. Good luck with this
  8. i check my version for update first time, before i actually start playing game, so yea, it was 2.01 when i inserted the disc... nvm, hope can be fixed in melb, i think VERY soon.
  9. Thanks a lot, i was gonna check them tonite myself before visiting this forum to check on replies. Will make a phone call. See, rather than paying $100 for posting ps3 back HK for warranty and wait for wat? 2-3weeks? MB just let ace fix it ^^" mb take max 3 days?
  10. confirmed the bluray laser is goner.. anyone here know where possible to get it fixed? coz i doubt i can get it warranty.
  11. its "fun" to look at some people around the world has faced some problem with ASSassin Creed, other than me~(on ps3) hrm..next time, dont play SUCH a new game~ wait~ patient~ yesasia.com, here i come~~
  12. "no risk, no gain" Now i hope tat seller willing to get it warranty in HONG KONG ... *i doubt looked into yesasia.com, similar price, but 1 problem, i cant find anything about their warranty??
  13. well, not sure if smb can fix my ps3, coz the blueray rom is goner... so get this group buy started man~ i might buy 1 if mine cant be fixed.
  14. you know about bluray rom? or you yourself is a mechanic? i m not sure, but i dont like switch off from the back, i believe i restarted it back pressing the front button for few secs...
  15. bloody shxt~ after 4 1/2 hrs of formating, problem NOT solved. YIPEE~~ The reader/laser is broken then... lets all laugh, MUAHAHAHAHA!