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  1. I'm about to sell my S25 Anyone want it?
  2. So I ordered House Of 1000 Corpses blindly... I just found out online its region coded. So I still have it SEALED. Its REGION A (USA) $25 Or I will trade for another horror Blu-Ray (make an offer...) or: Terminator 1 or 2 First Blood Cheers
  3. I just watched Shooter on Blu-Ray (got it from Big W QV) Love the movie Some of the best shoot out scenes in years
  4. They had 5 copies of 300 at Big W Sunshine (Melbourne) on Thursday if that helps anyone...
  5. At my local Big W that happened on Rocky 1 and I said 'I thought all movies were $29' and she said 'yes you are right' and changed it.
  6. Its not just the Blu-Rays in the catalogue that are $29 Its every Blu-Ray movie in the store.
  7. FYI I helped my mate get the Sony 46 for $5150
  8. Not sure My mate works at Sony and got me those prices I want to get the 46
  9. Cost price if everyone is interested inc gst: 40: $3940 46: $4980
  10. Yeahh! I saw it at JB - its HUGE - cause my ceiling mount is so near the roof i think i want the z4 for the extra 40% lens shift
  11. Its things like this that are swaying me towards the Z4 If I got a ax100 i'd be paranoid to watch 2 movies back to back! haha
  12. SOLD!! Now what projector to upgrade to? Z4 or AX100? I can't decide.
  13. Anyone know if the ceiling mount holes are the same on this as the AE700/900?
  14. Z4 has the ability to clean dust from the LCD panels They have the same lenshift capabilities.
  15. I'll guarantee there is nothing else wrong with the projector.