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  1. Anyone else find the IRIS on is too annoying? Maybe its cause I've got ultra sensitive hearing but over any dialogue scene I can hear it moving... shits me
  2. Nice! PM sent
  3. Whats the best price people have got for the TW3600 so far? Best quote I've got is $1980
  4. Hi guys, Time to upgrade my projector I am selling my Sanyo Z5 Projector It is 720p native but can take a 1080p signal. It has 2 HDMI ports Its done 2200 hours and is in PERFECT condition - been awesome. I have cleaned the dust filter every 100 hours since new I've still got the original box/packaging/manual and remote I still have it setup so you can see it running I'm located in the north west of Melbourne Asking $950 ono Cheers
  5. Do the TW3500 and TW3600 have the same ceiling mount points ?
  6. The replacement disc arrived in the mail last week But they never acknowledged my emails about it Which is annoying! Anyway its sorted
  7. 7:30pm Monday
  8. It is now on eBay starting at the great price of 99 cents... no reserve Might get a bargain
  9. Hi guys, I got a damaged DVD from DVD Pacific a few weeks ago so I emailed them and asked them how the exchange process works No reply Sent another one a week later No reply So I sent another one to a few different addresses on their website No reply I'm confused. They normally reply really fast Anyone spoken to them lately? Anyone want to do me a favour and ask them a question and see if they reply to your emails!? I don't know what else to do? Ideas? I'm pissed off cause I've spent about 10 grand with them over the years.
  10. They had Panasonic Blu-Ray players - didn't look at models as I snuck out during work to have a look... had to be fast! HAHA I got american cheese slices though!! YAY! Yum Going there again on Friday. Will sus is out and report back They also had Samsung LED TVs... 52 inch was $4200 from memory
  11. Hi there, Went to Costco in Melbourne today and they had some very cheap Blu-Ray players Sony BDPS550 $355
  12. Last bump before eBay *groan* $500
  13. Bump $550
  14. G'day, Selling my Denon 3803 as just upgraded to the 3808a Its black Have manual, remote, radio antenna thing $650 Located in Melbourne
  15. I'm about to sell my S25 Anyone want it?