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  1. Anyone? Im on with my Hydef
  2. dogsrus Im not aware of any released HD DVD players. Expect to pay megabucks for one of the first release sets. And no blu ray support? Your needs might be met elsewhere, but goodluck trying to find HD DVD media and burners in the meantime. With Divx, the superiour compression technology over MPEG II makes HD DVD movie transcoding to MPEG IV encoded in Divx Fusion a practical choice when burnt onto DVD9 media, even at 1080i/p resolutions. With the fusion divx format you get subtitle, menu and multiple audio track options like in DVD.
  3. Thats it! We want this! The Momituse V880 series isnt Divx certified. This player is not only Divx certified, but its also HD Divx certified. Youd have a captive market with no other competitor in this Australian segment.
  4. Can anyone comments on this players DivX compatability? I have had alot of problems with Divx playback on various DVD players. I see that Momitsu have no players certified under the Divx certification scheme. Doin an experiment in a sales store I took a DVDRW disc with a short Divx 5.2 encoded file using the standard Divx home theatre profile that is most compatible, and a high number that had Divx stickers failed to work when attempted. This is exactly why Divx have initiated the certification scheme. I note the official specs of the Momitsu V880N only says MPEG4 compliance, of which they are a few codecs that can achieve MPEG4. If I get a Momitsu am I going to have hassles with playing back Divx?
  5. Thanks all
  6. Also some more * progressive scan - selectable on/off * NTSC and PAL * region free * digital audio optical out
  7. Gday folks, Please recommend a DVD player according to my wish list: * As low cost as possible * DVD Upscaling to 720p and 1080i over component cables * Play MP3, DVD-R, +R, +RW, CDR, CDRW * Play Divx and Xvid * Able to stream media from my pc or network storage * Good quality Cheers
  8. Ok thanks Toey, what about the question of the Foxtel recorder being encrypted or not?
  9. Thanks all Does anyone have any insight into the situation from obtaining a copy of media from overseas, and then being lent or given it (no sale or profit) to me as a freind or stranger in Australia? e.g. A freind in the US sends me an episode of a TV series from the US. e.g.2 I download an episode of a TV series from a stranger in Russia
  10. Also in a similar way, contradictory statements on recording foxtel. Is it encrypted to the user's serial card account credentials or not? There is alternative views and only once can be correct. If you get a Foxtel recorder and unsubscribe from Foxtel, do you loose your backups?
  11. On the contrary, the searches I have previously done before posting provided no conclusive position on what in fact is legal, and what isnt legal. Various posters were saying its ok to record FTA from the 1968 act, and others contradicting that by saying that the Australian Copyright Council is correct - that its illegal. Also I did not find anything which specifically dealt with one of my questions - the issue of being lent or being given a copy of media from another country, into Australia. To suggest its been done to death is to say that there is a definitive point of truth that covers all relevant aspects of the law - and I dont see that at all.
  12. So, as I understand it, in Australia I cant legally get a CD I own and have paid for, and put that music onto a medium such as my IPOD? I cant take legitimate backups of the media that may be prone to failure? And what about all these TV recorders? We cant record FTA Television? With Foxtel they are selling the Foxtel recorders now, so does that mean Foxtel have granted permission to record Foxtel programs? If I download a TV series from overseas from a freind, who's copyright laws apply? The source country or the destination country? Are we all living in fear of being raided by the cops?
  13. Ok so my Sony KVHR36M31 has two YUV HD inputs. I have: 1. DVD 2. HD STB 3. Foxtel Pace SCART to YUV At the moment the HD STB has been downgraded to S-VIDEO and foxtel / dvd are using the available YUV inputs. What do I do long term? Is there a switch box or something?
  14. Has anyone got release notes for the various Pace software versions? I was at v33 and now Im at v41.....Dont know what has changed in the middle. Currently Im running SCART / S video adapter, so with the YUV option I can run component into my Sony KVHR36M31? Isnt the scart to YUV not as good as "proper" component? Thanks
  15. Strongly disagree on the Teach HD STB, experience with my Sony KVHR36M31 was painful as was the "support" from TEAC. Returned it.