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  1. Im in Sydney. I got one through a friend of a friend ect ect at Sony. Brand new unit in a box. Got to say brilliant TV. Setting it up is a nightmare but - no fault of the TV, moreso my lack of knowlegdge with all the components i purchased. PS3, HDD/DVD Recorder, new reciever. Cant get all the audio passing through correctly, in the right formats ect. So many bloody settings on each piece of equipment. And I though HDMI was suppossed to make it all easy - like plug and play. Gotta find myself a good calibrator and install guy. It all works but its the finer settings I cant get right.
  2. Could someone offer me some advise with my newly acquired SXRD KDS60R2000 All is good, looks great, picture is sensational, no shotdowns ect as reported here. My only issue is Seven HD FTA. Ten HD looks sensational, Nine HD is pretty good. Seven HD is great BUT, whenever they pan fast scenes the picture slightly breaks up and becomes pixelated and blocky for the brief period of fast movement. As is my digital signal was breaking up slightly. Even the Seven HD logo becomes blocky. It does not happen on ny other channel or under any other cisrcumstance, but only on Channel 7 HD. If there any issue with the bandwith 7 aplies to their HD broadcast which results in this picture breakup - ie they dont allocate enough, or could it be I may have an issue with the internal HD tuner which only shows up for some unknown reason when locked in on the 7 frequency. Has any one else noticed such a problem or have any advice. Also anyone know of a good calibrator in sydney who would be able to perform a god calibration service on my set and do all the tests for geometry, alignment and convergence everyone here talks about. I am no pro and I dont want to stuff around with the Tele to much in case I screw it all up. But overall this is an awesome TV - so much better at home than in the shop too by the way
  3. Maxabelle, edit your post - we are not suppossed to mention the retailer name i public forum
  4. Hi - been reading the thread - wow its long. Im interested in joining up. Could I get the details emailed over please. thanking you