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  1. I realised I'd left the discs behind the other day annoyingly as I was in rush when I left home. With that said, I don't know that I'd have brought the Revenant without having watched a bit more of it to have a proper reference point to go off. I just hope they have Sicario at least as its a great reference disc.
  2. No unfortunately I didn't get to. The mrs has also already seen it, so its hard to steer viewing in that direction if we don't have any guests. Had to instead watch some of 'The Hallow' - which we turned off in the end, then some of Tales of Tales until it got a bit late. Won't get a chance now till probably Wednesday as I'm away next few days, which will be after I go to the demo of the 5000 in Sydney.
  3. Interesting test. The thing I'd add though is that we know UHD disc is the source of the original version pics we've been discussing and the player itself is doing the HDR-SDR conversion internally. There's been a a fair bit said elsewhere that that conversion process itself potentially affects the resulting SDR picture output. So I would be inclined to think there could well be some difference in the resulting SDR picture when compared to the Blu ray SDR version even before we look at how the images were captured.
  4. Had a brief look at The Revenant last night, about 10 mins. It is indeed a gorgeous transfer and I really look forward to seeing the whole movie again - possibly tonight. I also finally got a Sony UHD disc and got to set up a remote to be able to access the hidden UHD test patterns. Not sure they were super helpful as they seemed to be too sensitive with setting contrast as compared to the quite reliable 'plane wing' shot in San Andreas I referenced last week that helped improve things across several discs viewed. Hopefully Joe Kane's UHD disc isn't too far away as its a bit too much like guess work trying to set black level and contrast precisely with UHD discs at the moment. Doesn't help that there seems to be some variability in different discs which we know have been master for different NIT levels on top. Still at least using a projector that can take the new features is still a step above just playing with 4K resolution by itself. Always enjoy a new challenge in HT! Have to say if I lived in Germany, I'd be pretty damn stoked to have access to dudes like Ekki and Cine4Home.de as they would without a doubt deliver a great result with pretty much any projector you gave them to calibrate and setup. Pity there are so few guys in our small market who can sort this out without going through a lot of arranging and expense. Wish my buddy Luke from VDC Sydney didn't retire a few years ago now, he was really great and very easy to work with..
  5. I'll be taking a look at the 4K of The Revenant when I get home shortly. It's been hyped as likely excellent transfer - haven't read any direct feedback from any JVC guys yet on it though. I'll also finally get to pull up those 4K test patterns now that I have a Sony title as well as of today. And also keen to check of those scenes Ekki referenced for his HDR and WCG test in Exodus recently. Should be a fun weekend
  6. Yeah I haven't seen Phillips produce much of anything interesting in disc player technology that I can remember really. I'm a bit bemused they are actually making the effort to do so with UHD frankly. I suspected it could even be re-badged like other electronics they've put out over the years. On the other hand the Panasonic seems like it will be quite an ok player and better than the Samsung. However, in the end I'll be looking to the Oppo next year as the eventual unit for my HT. I hear ya Al, I've been through everything back to pre-AC3 laserdisc. I honestly couldn't recall all of the various format players I've had since the 90's. I figure at the moment, what's a couple more UHD players before settling down on say an Oppo until there's another shift in player spec! At least the players are relatively inexpensive to what things were back in the old LD and early DVD days
  7. French review shared elsewhere is pretty decent when translated: http://www.audiovideohd.fr/tests/448-Panasonic-DMP-UB900-0.html What*hifi's review isn't the worst quality I've ever read bad but lacks actual hands on comparison with the K8500 (due not being available there). I also don't regard their video equipment reviews as their strength compared to their reviews of audio gear which I've always enjoyed by comparison.
  8. Yeah got a hit with the tripp-lite model name search quite high in the results when googling it the other day.
  9. I landed the Tripp-lite USB late last week from Expansys HK, unfortunately my 9000 was long gone back to JVC by then... So either them or Amazon will probably the fastest way to get a known working adapter. There was a telescope store online near Sydney that appeared to sell the Tripp lite's as well.
  10. I was just reading some more recent discussions today about the format of the Null Modem cable, it's quite confusing in itself as well. There are actual three variants of Null modem type cables, it seems full handshaking version do not work. The correct pin out arrange for the cable you need for the process is as follows: pin configuration: con1 con2 2 -------- 3 3 -------- 2 5 -------- 5 both connectors have internal connection between 1-4-6 and connection between 7-8. pin 9 is not used.
  11. Al, they only specify USB adapters mate, not a specific null-modem cable. That would really be splitting hairs and probably make it a very difficult process if they did I reckon . EDIT: for others reading this please also see my post regarding different variations of the actual Null Modem cable format. Could well be the case. If you want to wing it that way go ahead, YMMV. You'd be braver than most, I haven't read any success stories of people with adapters other than the JVC specified models -there was call for people to report their experiences with this on AVS after I had my issue. I used a non Prolific based generic adapter and still ended up where I got to with a dead unit over Easter. If the result was otherwise I'd probably be more encouraging. The other good alternative is just to track down an old serial equipped laptop or PC and do it that way. Even if you had to take the projector to where the PC is, it isn't too difficult to do really. Ok, sit over here on DTV and make such proclamations about Mike's comments on HDR projector setup requirements. Why don't you go over to AVS and take Mike to task on this? Why rubbish him here where he's not going to be around to respond to your counter-claims..Mike's got a lot of good knowledge from working in HT and has been extremely helpful to a lot of guys over the years. I'm sure he'd be happy to discuss it with you out in the open over there on the JVC thread.
  12. It's total compromise for the RS' to have HDR this early in the piece. I'd just be thankful that JVC actually got it into this years product well ahead of anyone else. Whether it's worthwhile is up to the individual's set up, YMMV. Me it's now officially as moot point as my 600 is gone and I never got to dial it in properly the one time I watched a movie last week to make any real call on it..But if you respect the Cine4home guys at all, they reckon it's better than a lot of people would have expected and worth it.
  13. It's all well and good to proclaim that but if you want HDR to work you need it, its how HDR functions. Mike Garrett of AVS sums it up here on AVS Forum: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/2222586-official-jvc-rs600-rs500-x950r-x750r-x9000-x7000-owners-thread-291.html#post42747842
  14. A further update. Got some clarity with the failed update. Mike Garrett from AVS has posted some further relevant info. I'll be sending my unit off to JVCKenwood. Again it's very much advisable to skip this update, even if you feel you are extremely familiar with hardware update procedures of this type! Plus as already stated there is basically no benefit with this update for most users..
  15. No it isn't at all Al - talk about going from a long weekend of being stoked to land the Samsung and the timely update to totally bummed out and able to watch nothing (short of the 1100 being re-hung possibly today). I must say this update was the first time I've had a PC update of any kind with A/V equipment -be it standard USB or serial connection method- ever go wrong to the point of seemingly no simple recovery. Really wish JVC had of taken a leaf out of Sony's book in regards to easy projector updates - stick it on a USB key plug it in and let it go.. I'd advise those unfamiliar with this kind of updating to consider getting their unit to a service centre or at least definitely get one the 2 recommended USB-Serial adapters.