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  1. Good thing to have. Oldest laptop I had for purpose of doing doing Audi/VW VAG-COM programming would be a small 5 or so year old Dell Inspiron which unfort still didn't have a serial port. I've got like 3 other laptops around going back 4 years and they of course also don't have serials. Only so much old gear I can keep around the house. I recently moved and still have a ton of old PC gear, cables, parts, etc, to work through stored elsewhere, like two small cabinets worth and a couple of plastic storage containers, most will go in the bin.. Fortunately this kind of relic serial update method disappears with the upcoming Z1 and probably also in the next gen of JVC lamp based projs (whenever they happen).
  2. It got most of the way through using a misc USB to serial cable I had on hand. BUt the update failed at 95% and started flashing error code on pj. After that it was bricked, several days of attempting to get it going got me nowhere, as it wouldn't power up at all. I sent it to the JVC service agent where they screwed around for a month and (unnecessary according to JVC USA tech who I spoke to a few weeks later) ordered in and changed a board in it. They were then stupid enough to still not have done the update, so I did it again with the correct Tripp-Lite Keyspan USB to serial adapter no problems.
  3. Be extremely careful and follow JVCs advice. I bricked my X9000 doing the update initially. Its all about 4K. So if you're not concerned with that you can leave the update without issue.
  4. It's all relative though right. Expensive compared to what other "full 4K Laser based" currently on the market. Its also easily swept aside that both JVC and Sony laser models are built in extremely small production runs compared to anything else and a hell of a lot of hand building in Japan occurring -its not China to say the least!
  5. A lot of people were able to comment on the difference in sharpness of the 500/600 lens to the 1100's glass one. I noticed this myself and as was recommended at the time compensated with bumping up the RC adjustment slightly. If I quote guys I've known for years like Mark Haflich, he has stated this many times : I was one of those people with the 1100 who bought a X9000 and A/B it for around two months with a lot of material. In the end I had to concede there just wasn't enough in the slightly superior resolution of the Sony vs the other PQ benefits of the JVC to justify holding on to it any longer. Testing with UHD discs delivered the final blow for me. How the optics compare, again is something the better reviewers are going to shed light on, right now we're just speculating. Are you saying the Z1 is flat out over-priced? Yes by today's standards the 1100 is way over-priced, wholeheartedly agree. However, it didn't stop me getting one (at my Sony direct price) a bit over 4 years back and get nearly a full 4 years enjoyment out of it, which is a lot for any projector I've owned over the last 15 years..
  6. +1 , Qualifi would be in my top 3 of 'middleman' distributors I love to hate for their pricing. Got them to thank for how much more D+M products, etc, cost here as compared to everywhere else.
  7. In order to resolve the full 4K it helps a heck of lot to have good glass optics. This was well established with Sony's use a plastic lens in the VW500/600 which does not allow it resolve full 4K resolution. So are you really of the opinion the the new glass optics aren't pretty crucial in such a unit? This may not be the killer feature, but I'd be pretty dismayed if JVC stuck a plastic lens in there - as good as it is for a current e-shift projector, I'm first one to testify that's a fine combo. I don't think we're here really to compare the Z1 to the lamp based e-shift models, as there isn't really much point with the price disparity. However, against the Sony VW5000, absolutely. Things like the major jump in native CR and manual iris are pretty big factors in that specific comparison. I'm sure once guys like Ekki at Cine4home get their review units, there will be some great info coming through. Right now, happy to sit back and await those reviews with pre-order in place.
  8. If you hear of any suppliers doing it at $35K or significantly below $38K, please do let me know and I will hit my pro supplier up about it as I expect their pricing to be pretty much on the mark. I'm also a bit surprised by that lens comment. Given the existing feedback and having owning both a VW1100 and VW500 (for different rooms) myself, there's more than a small difference in PQ as result of the difference in lens quality from 1100 to 500 series. Given the amount of work JVC put into making that glass lens for the Z1, I'd be extremely surprised if the differences aren't fairly apparent to the current X series units lens'. We sure love to be glass half full on these forums, can't say I've heard a single person(industry or otherwise) make this sort of comment elsewhere..
  9. 'Disaster' was indeed how it actually was put to me. Good article saw a similar version out of NZ Herald online come up this arvo as well.
  10. Was told by a good friend who was very senior up the totem pole at JB a little while back that this acquisition wasn't a smart move at all. During his time they knocked the purchase back at $550m. So it will be interesting to see JB's performance post this acquisition having added $400m debt to their balance sheet. Would be an even worse outcome for competition to lose GG's and then eventually JB itself .
  11. Nice bit of feedback from Ken Whitcomb , probably one of the most respected calibrators in the US. He actually calibrated a VW5000 for the Wisdom booth at CEDIA. His feedback on the Z1's lens quality which doesn't really come as any surprise (and what I hinted at a couple of posts ago) :
  12. Not as yet, I'd give it a few more days, I'm sure it won't be too long. JVC here aren't always the fastest out of the blocks with new projector info.
  13. Owen, kinda of as always, you're the first bloke to make that sort of comment, no one on AVS is, JVC guys or otherwise. I see more guys worried that its only 3000 lumens in rec709, not counting the P3 filter light loss. Being I can't say the X9000 blows me out of the room on a 150" 2.35 1.3 gain screen, I'll take the extra lumens happily. Also, we know there is much higher quality lens in the Z1 so I may as well go back and take that last little bit of resolution to be had with the 4K chip- something that I gave up(willingly) along with other 1100 owners. While we're at it, may as well, with those extra few lumens wring out a tiny bit more out of HDR (yes yes, I know, we all know, nothing like whats needed to do it justice with a projector, may be years away till then yada yada - and remind ourselves of that ourselves daily across many threads). Oh and throw in the better sync times for good measure, which is about time.The processing, by all accounts gets a lift too in the Z1, something that won't hurt either - I was reminded of the slight bit of signature 'busyness' that some folks like to point out in the X9000 pic while viewing The last Reef 4K earlier tonight. If its truly that underwhelming a unit for the money, then heck I'll sell it -quite sure it will still be in plenty of demand by then still and not hard to offload. Have say though it so often feels like a world of relative pessimism at DTV sometimes compared to elsewhere on the interwebs Edit: Some good feedback from Ron Jones of projectorreviews.com at CEDIA today : On the subject of iris and laser modulation, I was informed that the RS4500 has a dual iris arrangement, similar to that of the current RS500 and RS600 projectors, with one iris between the light source and the DILA display panels and the second being a lens iris. These can be set to fixed positions or operated in an automatic/dynamic mode, again similar to the current RS500 and RS600 projectors. The RS4500 also adds the function to dynamically dim, or modulate, the light output of the laser light source. - See more at: http://www.projectorreviews.com/home-theater-and-projectors-the-technical-side/cedia-expo-2016-day-2/#sthash.K6i5DWCZ.dpuf
  14. So far I'm hearing nothing but big wraps out of CEDIA on the Z1/RS4500 (they had to have a difference name for the US again didn't they!). All I can say is having been impressed with the VW5000 when I got to play with one, knowing full well its far far worse native CR limitations(miserable would be a good word to describe;)), I can't see myself getting all that bent out of shape by the extra lumens on the my 11.5 foot screen expectedly causing my the black level to slip quite a ways behind my X9000 - which right now as we all know is also massively compromised whenever choosing to view a UHD disc in HDR presentation.
  15. As guys like Javs know, I've got first right on one of the first two of these units coming into the country. I'll be weighing up all the CEDIA feedback carefully starting tomorrow as IFA didn't produce much useful feedback and I heavily suspect JVC EU fumbled the set up at their stand a bit judging by the few bits of feedback. Still really excited by the prospects of this unit and very pleased to have waited for its debut. I have the X9000 to thank for convincing me JVC are really in the forefront with their projection tech these days . Exciting times to say the least - I'm not as jaded as Owen about the Z1's true 4K panel plus laser aligned with a significantly better Native CR than I got to see with the Sony 5000..