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  1. Not according to Yahoo 7 TV Guide for the next week where are you getting this information from?
  2. It appears Freeview yes Freeview (the so called accurate guide) is showing Seven Mate HD as currently showing concurrent programming with Seven (primary channel) this caused me to launch the above tirade as I thought the guide for next Monday was an accurate reflection, it appears that Freeview has errors as Seven Mate HD is currently not broadcasting in Sydney. Apologies for my post, however no doubt the HD changeover to 7 Bogan will happen.
  3. Looks like the brain dead twits at Seven are moving to reintroduce 7 Bogan HD once again from next Monday. It is showing concurrent programming with the main channel, however it is listed as 7BoganHD,no doubt the programming will change to appease the toothless VB viewers.
  4. Talk is that it will revert to 7maate after the tennis. $even gotta love it.
  5. Heaps of chatter on whirlpool and media spy reporting $even will be switching to HD tomorrow 2am
  6. That's fine however it is not HD (Sky News UK) much rather it in HD not SD
  7. i was thinking the same this morning after watching about 30 seconds of HD Sky News UK Live,picture quality is disgraceful,I just scratch my head in bewilderment as to how far backward we have gone when in 2002 so much was promised. My hatred for the Seven Network is intense they started the rot & festered the sore that is HD for the past 14 years.
  8. I wonder when they fess up & put an apology here as presently they have zero credibility.
  9. Pity that $even does not afford its mushroom audience with an explanation of their stance with HD in their smallest market nationally Sydney,it looks like blur vision for the Melbourne Cup & Aust Open Tennis. Biggest con dished out by $even was their excuse that the small audiences in Sydney Brisbane & Perth were denied HD on the primary channel due to HD commitments to the VFL
  10. Can anyone advise if the Harmony Elite is exactly the same as the Ultimate One in regard to the numeric touch screen pad as In size. I have difficulty sometimes with my Ultimate One with the numeric keypad which takes getting used to.
  11. Yes I have the harmony ultimate one apologies for the misinformation.
  12. I am looking at getting the Harmony Elite, (I currently have the Ultimate as pictured 5 posts above) with the Elite does it work between walls RF I believe, if so I am concerned that it will also start up the television in the bedroom at the same time (both TV's Lounge & Bedroom) are Sony and are on the same frequency for remotes). Will it create havoc with the TV in the other room?
  13. HaHa, They have really lost the plot, good old Channel $even. Gotta Love It
  14. 207 Foxtel is now HD showing Seven Bogan (it was SD yesterday)Sydney. Only $even could have concocted this mess.