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  1. Thanks to mesher and Wadia for the easy transactions - hope you enjoy the goods! I'm flying out of the country in a week and won't be back until July. So if you want any of the goods below please message asap! I'm keen to get rid of the speakers especially so if you have an offer, let me know. 1. Sony BDP-S5000ES Blu-ray player - $400. 2. Sony STR-DA5400ES 7.1ch 120W AV Receiver - SOLD 3. Oppo DV-983H Universal DVD/SACD player - SOLD 4. Sony 5.1 Speaker set + Rack (details below) - $200. 5. Belkin F9G823AU3M PureAV 8way isolator - $75.
  2. Sorry guys, not sure how to edit the first post or close this topic. Please see my other thread which has this for sale + some of my other hi-fi gear. http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php/topic/207570-fs-sony-bdp-s5000es-sony-str-da5400es-oppo-dv-983h-sony-51-speakers-belkin-pure-av-8way-powerboard/?p=2050559
  3. Looks like a pretty sweet unit man. Enjoy!
  4. Hey mate. I have a Sony STR DA5400ES receiver I'm looking to sell. I'm out of touch with the tech so no idea how it compares with the previously mentioned units (I assume it's going to be lower spec'ed) but I thought I'd throw it in the mix. I live in Sydney and am looking to sell it asap. Might not be what you're after but let me know if you're at all interested.
  5. Signed up for Netflix yesterday on a recommendation from a mate and it's excellent. Like others have said I only have foxtel for the sporteven for that it's a rip off (although you can get it for a fair but cheaper than advertised if you're prepared to cancel). The convenience of on demand viewing is the best thing about it, I've often found with foxtel even with 100s off channels there's often times there's nothing interesting on where as with Netflix I doubt you'd ever have that problem. If HBO released some of their newer shows like GOT onto hulu that would be the complete package. Not good for foxtel but great for ISPs with everyone upgrading their plans
  6. I believe Junkyard is correct, the newer boxes DO NOT do HD over component. I had my satellite box replaced after a couple of months and the new box (TDS851) does not do HD over component. I was pretty annoyed given I'd already setup the HTPC to capture HD component. There are other options though. I bought an HDMI splitter and an HDFury II to output HD component for recording...pretty pricey solution but it works well.
  7. Don't know if this is old news, but Amazon UK boxets seem to be awesome value. Picked up Life, Planet Earth and the X-men Quadrilogy for $78 on the weekend
  8. +1 to being an AC/DC tragic
  9. I can't remember if any of them are included in Dick Smith's 2 for $60 offer... Worth a look if no one has one for sale
  10. I think they did offer an explanation (there's a post somewhere in this thread). They received the discs at a discounted price from their supplier and sold this stock at a cheaper price. Once this stock was sold they cancelled any remaining orders that were made at that price. Explains why some people managed to get their discs shipped while others had the same titles cancelled. So they probably do have those titles in stock, but they're not part of the "discounted stock". It sucks, but if it's true I guess it makes sense. Edit: Spelling
  11. Damn. 10/10 cancelled. JAMES BOND - QUANTUM OF SOLACE BOURNE IDENTITY BOURNE ULTIMATUM BOURNE SUPREMACY Cloverfield Wall-E Pineapple Express Hellboy 2 - The Golden Army JOHN MAYER - WHERE THE LIGHT IS CHANGELING Going to have to be quicker next time! But after the Fishpond fiasco and now this maybe it's a sign for me to lay off the Blu-rays for a while
  12. Anyone else still have items on backorder? My whole order is according to the website, though I haven't received any emails yet so I hope they'll be dispatched soon. Might send them an email to get an ETA tonight
  13. Hi yorac, is this GB still open? Considering buying a good local player - I went and bought a local copy of QoS which turned out not to be region free after all! Hehe, no really. If it's still on I'd be interested. PM? Cheers, Yas
  14. Well looks like that's going to happen for the Matrix and Mummy boxsets too. Their pricing system must be buggy as hell. At least I hope it's that and not an attempt to get people to buy these items and some reasonably priced ones, then cancel the really cheap items and hope we go through with the rest of the order!