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  1. Yeah it's wierd. sometimes the ads are a good vocal level and actually sound good in DD 2.0 (it's growning on me) Maybe they are still ironing out some issues with it. MB.
  2. yeah just checked and teh RSPCA progam is coming across in DD 2.0 too... but the vocals are much louder during the show and quite low during the ads... I probably shouldn't be complaining eh I've got the output on my Pio 507 set to DD not PCM and like I mentioned it picks up proper 5.1 shows fine... just the ads that are quite as. wierd. Thx MB.
  3. Has anyone else noticed that Channel 70 in Sydney is brodcasting the ad breaks in DD 5.1? Not really an issue except that there is no audio coming through the center channel and all vocals are coming through L/R and are very quite... this is even happening with the shows that are on a are still coming across in pro-logic then cutting to DD 5.1 for teh ad break! I'm pretty sure it's not a setting at my end as when there is a DD show broadcasting (Deal or No Deal or e.g.) the vocals come through 100% fine on the center channel. Sorry if this has been bought up before also, couldn't find a related topic and i've only been noticing this change on channel 70 this week :/ Any thoughts? Cheers, MB.
  4. WRONG! Retailers tell you what you want to hear.
  5. Pardon my ignorance guys but what site are you referring to?
  6. not sure if this has been posted yet but says it comes with HDMI
  7. Yeah I kept putting it off and putting it off for over 2 years... you've got to draw the line and buy somthing or you'll always be waiting for the next best thing
  8. The installers I had were definately not from Pioneer, just speaking to the guys they had already done a few installs earlier the same day of some other brand name equipment. They were just a local AV installation compnay that Pioneer contracts to do the installs in the area, are there actually Pioneer installers on the Pioneer pay-roll? NOTE: Not saying I am unhappy at all with the guys, they were cool.
  9. Yeah I got my Yamaha receiver remote configured to run the 507, so the remote isn't an issue for me (except when I need to change settings - rare though). It is rather bulky.
  10. You know, I actually thought of that but the blue LED has a great WOW factor when people see the display in the lounge room. I just cover it up when I have some serious movies to get through! Plus I don't think I could permanently deface such a work of art
  11. Oh it is , I feel guilty for getting mine a week from purchase now though! The only "fault" I have found so far with the display is having to cover up the blue "power on" LED on the front because it's annoying while trying to watch a movie... picky i know!
  12. Just noticed that the new DJ catalouge that I got yesterday is still advertising the PDP-507XDA so there must still be some around! They have it listed as always @ full RRP. $4999.00.
  13. The two guys hooked up all my stuff, not really much though, Yamaha reciever, DVD, VCR and then chucked in a few custom picture settings for each input + the inbuilt tuner. Never charged extra.