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  1. Thanks guys.... I think the problem has something to do with my new tv. When I plug the antenna into my computer, for the pc tv tuner, I can actually pick up all the channels, much to my surprise. But when I plug the same antenna into the tv, the signal strength for all channels apart from SBS is nil. So I tried a little test - I connected the antenna to my computer tv tuner, and also turned the tv on (without the antenna connected). The computer tv lost signal to all channels even though it previously picked up all the channels when the tv was turned off. The computer and tv are located close to each other, so I'm guessing the tv is causing some sort of electrical interference with the antenna signal. As for asking my landlord to do something about the roof antenna, I've been told by the real estate agent he's unwilling to do anything. My unit is actually in a motel, and the motel 'guests' all have foxtel piped to their rooms, which includes the free to air channels, so the motel owner/manager has no interest in maintaining an antenna for benefit of a few live-in tenants who don't have foxtel. Looks like I'll have to settle for watching tv on my computer, which is better than no tv at all.
  2. Any other suggestions? Do you think buying a different indoor antenna (like the one you suggest from Jaycar) might help?
  3. Hi Alan... anything less than maximum gain results in no channels at all. I've tried reducing the gain bit by bit until the dial is on the minimum, with no success unfortunately.
  4. Hello, just wondering if you can help me. I've tried to follow your instructions for setting up an indoor antenna as follows: I life at South Brisbane, and according to your information (if I've understood it correctly), the tv transmitter/s are at Mount Coot-tha, with antenna type H34. I have a Crest A300 Digital Amplified Indoor Antenna. I have set the rabbit ears horizontal, with length 745mm from the tip of the left to the tip of the right, positioned at right angles to Mount Coot-tha. The 'body' of the antenna is angled slightly upwards, facing in the direction of Mount Coot-tha. With the amplification level at the maximum (I think it's 35db), I can get SBS and ABC (although the latter is inconsistent) but none of the other channels. With the amplification level at anything below the maximum, I can't get any channels. The unit I rent is not on the Mount Coot-tha side; the walls are brick; and I am on the middle floor of the building (carpark underneath, and one level of units on top). Is there anything you can suggest that might help? If I purchased the amplified antenna you recommend (the one from Jaycar), do you think I would have more success than with the Crest one I currently have? Tim