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  1. Unfortunately I only have the Oppo 103, not the "audiophile" edition 95 or 105. Might consider upgrading!
  2. I can run the analog cable for music but is there sound quality loss for those high bit rate music? (flac files) I think if the HDMI control is off there also no HDMI pass through?
  3. System: Player: Oppo BDP 103 Receiver : Pioneer SC-LX85 TV: Kuro All connected via HDMI (using BR input for AVR & HDMI 1 output from AVR to TV) Everything is fine if all 3 are on. As soon as I turn off the TV the sound also disappear. Is the any setting to let me listen to music with HDMI connection without the TV on? Many thanks
  4. Deadwood (region A) around $65 AUD shipped from amazon.com
  5. Follow the Oppo's instructions last night, the tray didn't open when placed upside down, but when I turn it back to normal position it's working. Try open and close a few times this morning and things seem to be OK! Happy & thanks Oppo!
  6. Email from Oppo yesterday, haven't tried so not sure if it works or not
  7. My Oppo db-83 now does not open the drive by itself when pressing the eject button. I have to pull it out using my finger. Anyway to easy fix it? I don't use the player that often only few times a month.
  8. "Game of thrones" has dropped to $35 on Amazon.com
  9. Deleted, nothing wrong with the subtitles I think.
  10. Just installed the latest beta firmware released 12 Sep 2011 & have no issues with the pro kit.
  11. Haven't watched "The Sopranos" but "Game of thrones" is sure the best HBO series ever!
  12. Mine shipped 6 July arrived today from the US.
  13. Installed the latest BP93 firmware & have no problem changing region with the pro chip.
  14. It's a pro also.