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  1. Okies just picked up The Eagle has Landed from BigW for 12 bucks.....I was well and truly happy with that.....didnt know it was even out. Hopefully they release all my fav old war movies on blu soon(guns of navarone, kellys heroes, where eagles dare) /me crosses fingers )))
  2. Nah mate I actually liked this one hey
  3. Chasing GI Joe 2009 region B/free PM me cheers
  4. Hi Folks, For Trade: Rocky Balboa still in plastic region B 2001: A space odyssey watched once AUS version Would like to trade for any of the following (needs to be region B or region free): Top Gun Days of Thunder Once were warriors Cocktail Enemy at the gates Scarface Polar express Any kids animation Please PM with what you have Thanks
  5. Hey folks, Just letting you all know....picked up Band od Brothers today at JBHifi, Midland for 50 bucks. It is on the computer for 75 but had a JB sticker on it for 50 bucks. Bargain I reckon. Cheers
  6. Just saw fast and furious 4 disc boxset in my local JB hifi in perth for $119 will have to re finance the house for that one. I wanna buy it but not for that price
  7. Hi Folks, Im chasing Twilight and Chronicles of Riddick region B/free. PM me if you got it and how much you want for it Cheers btw I would dearly love the riddick double pack as mentioned above but can't really afford it
  8. yeah i saw that lols
  9. Yes please I will take it off your hands if its still available pm me your details Cheers