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  1. Hi there, I've recently acquired a Teac DV-B300 SD STB but the remote isn't with it. Does anyone: a) Know where to get a replacement, Know if any (cheap) universal remotes would allow me to access the setup page etc., or c) Have a spare remote lying around that they could post me! (at my expense of course) Cheers.
  2. I reckon it's been on before and I reckon it will be on again in the next 6-12 months! I'm hoping they keep repeating things like this because my recording of The Presets JTV on my PC has failed twice!
  3. It's not so much the amount of ads as the type of ads that I am sick of. My 18 month old daughter has fallen in love with that stupid jamster bunny. If she's in the next room she'll stop what she's doing and listen to it!! I am soooo sick and tired of all the ringtone, mobile game, "love match" ads. Who buys this crap?
  4. I've seen it. Loved it!
  5. I noticed the difference between RCA and Component Video when I got the MyStar installed. I've got a 2 and a half year old Samsung CRT. And I'm no videophile.
  6. Are you going to change your avatar?
  7. Excellent Looks like they'll be sitting there for a while then!
  8. Well... I seem to have spoken too early. I got home to find that the 5 or 6 recordings that were set for last night all failed and I can't delete them. These are the first recordings to fail since Xmas though. Did someone have a way of deleting them?
  9. I don't seem to be having many problems at all with mine. Apart from resetting overnight, but I don't see that as a major problem.
  10. I think Wikipedia has that info.
  11. The BBC website says Spring 2008 for the new season. I can't wait, I'm a big Doctor Who nerd and I've gotten heaps of people hooked to it!
  12. I'm assuming that ABC will broadcast it prior to season 4 (which should be sometime this year) as they have done with the last 2 Christmas Specials... Aside from that, a friend of mine gave me a copy which he may or may not have downloaded
  13. Do you remember the process? My series link seems to be royally screwed too.
  14. Southern Cross Ten and Win - Western Vic are showing Now and Next information as well! Now all I want is Prime...