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  1. If you want to get below $300-, consider a single tuner (HD) PVR. She would have the tuner on the TV for watching whilst using the PVR for recording. When she gets a new TV she will have 2 digital tuners!
  2. Their web site sucks, scroll to the right. Or see if this link works,
  3. Thanks for your reply and support to the forum.
  4. How does this work ie: If you record a show that starts late, does this record correctly or do you use an option to record say 10 to 15 minutes over time? The next question being when you start recording on time but catch the end of the previous show which is running late, is the name of the show you set to record shown or the name of the show still running when your recording starts.
  5. Channel switching speed is subjective. What is normal to some can be slow to others, depending on what you are used to. As with teletext, you are best to ask for a demo in store. (At least the sales person will get to find out where they keep the remotes)
  6. Thank you Ryan and scorpian007 for you replies re the Samsung "LA32B550". Looking forward to getting one, just I guess, not for the price I had in mind.
  7. I went into the Good Guys today to purchase a Samsung "LA32B550", offered $800- cash but wanted a 3 yr warrant included. Didn't get to buy at that price. Got the impression I probably would have had a deal if I didn't want the warranty included. Anyone have any views as to whether this was a reasonable offer or not?
  8. I notice the "MNP-101 1080p HD player at $99" is listed as a clearance sale item! Is it being superseded or discontinued?
  9. Is there a difference between the 6 and 5 series other than the 6 does 100hz? Other posts here suggest the extra processing to convert 50 into 100hz is not so good for sports action. I'm looking at the 32" lcd's here and there is usually a $200- price diff, between the 5 and 6 series.
  10. Meaning we can add a laptop hdd? Any idea of price?
  11. Gee, Japanese brand names are slipping!
  12. Can you put a usb hdd (as in a notebook hdd) in any of these media players? Hence no noise or heat issues.
  13. Thanks for the link. It's amazing what stuff is out there, which is also where the objective reviews come in handy.
  14. Do not know how much things have changed, but this is what it was for the PV60A series (just in case it helps) menu mode: standard contrast: 78 ~ 80 brightness: 50 ~ 53 colour: 49 ~ 50 (but to individual taste) colour temp: warm colour management: off MPEG NR: off
  15. Ok, thanks for that, as I was hoping my comment would not lead to a mine is better than yours type response. My panasonic plasma pre dates the inbuilt tuners (just). Does this apply to their current model LCDs?