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  1. You need to have made a certain number of posts before you can start a new thread/topic. Perhaps if you ask your question here, some one may be able to direct you to the correct thread to discuss answers.
  2. I'm glad you got a detailed response, as I didn't follow what you are looking to do. ie if you are going to start a fresh why tell us the details of what you already have or are you wondering what's worth bringing with you? In relation to buying in HK the question becomes how to access the warranty. Also parts can be a problem even for well know brands if you buy a model that is not sold here.
  3. Yes, most of them will. Things to watch out for: Assuming you have a pal crt tv (and not a sd tv) you tv will have very limited input connections. Check what these are and then check any stb you look at has these connections. Then check the stb will send decoded hd signals over these connections. You also need to see how the stb handles the conversion of widescreen to the 4:3 aspect of your tv over the connection your tv has. Ask to see it working in the shop is a good idea, just make sure they only use the connections you tv has.
  4. I also I have line of sight (facing south) to the Currumbin hill, and can see the transmission tower on top of it. My reception perfect one day s**t the next. SBS has been great for some time, I can not remember the last time I got the ABC (it was when Doctor Who was on), 10 and 5 are presently fine and 7 and 9 are seeing which can break up the most. They are not really that bad, it just becomes annoying when you watch it for any length of time. Unfortunately I'm in a rental so the antenna stays.
  5. If you only have to pay $30- to get a better one, what would that be.
  6. Just thought I'd raise the suggestion that (if you still have the 400gb portable hd) you could get a powered usb hub for very little extra outlay. Then the dvd would not have to power the hd.
  7. What are you wanting to achieve?
  8. Do like you said and take some photos. Then have some fun, who knows what will happen!
  9. So does the plasma get vibrations from the speaker? ie can you feel them with a firm hand on the plasma.
  10. One of the good things about this forum is that we get to know what a very good price is. That way we can make a genuine but low offer that we know some retailers will accept and shop around until we get it. The guy mentioned at the start of this thread wants to get the best price, but has no idea what it is and of course no salesman will tell him.
  11. Sounds good, do it for standby as well.
  12. I assume that whatever you have connected by component input on AV2, is only capable of an sd output.
  13. Not too sure what the urgency is? I know the Panasonic 42pv60a is as good as they say it is, use the Persian Immortal settings to calibrate it and it's brilliant. Also very good with lesser quality signals.
  14. MLXXX, have you tried the new DivX player?
  15. That price range will cover all the sd (852x480) 42" plasmas. There are some a bit cheaper. Have a look see if you favour some over others. Make sure they are not short on connections as you may want fta, cable and dvd. As you are only considering, over the next few months, you could have a good look around at hd (1024x768) 42" plasmas. I'm sure it will not be too long before some become available at the top of your price range.