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  1. Any idea whats the cheapest F9G823au3M available in PERTH, WA ??? Need one urgently Thanks!
  2. Greetings fellow Aussies, I have a couple of questions to ask and was wondering whether any kind soul out there could give me their advice on this. I am looking at purchasing a new TV for my mother's bedroom and I am trying to decide between the for the PANASONIC TH-P42G10A and the TH-P42-S10A. Based on the specifications mentioned on the AUSTRALIAN PANASONIC website, i compared those to that on the US PANASONIC website and discovered some discrepancies in their features. First of all, Australia's TH-P42G10A is the equivalent of US's TC-P42G10 which isn't too much of a problem just a difference in the name, after hours of searching i don't believe they have the equivalent of the G15 series here in Australia. Secondly, in the US's page, it is mentioned that the TVs (G10-series) are THX certified but this isn't advertised in the Australian version. Thirdly, for the US model, they have this feature called the VIERA cast which also seems to be absent in the Australian version. Fourthly, the S series (TH-P42S10A) in Australia doesn't seem to correspond to any of the S-models advertised in the US as it doesn't use the NEOPDP panel and it's subfield drive is only 550hz compared to the standard 600hz. Finally, if i am able to purchase the australian TH-P42G10A for around AU$2000 OR the TH-P42S10A for AU$1700 would these be considered good deals and is the G series worth the extra AU$300 premium? Thanks alot for any advice given.. Thanks! *Just on a side note, is it just me or does Australia get watered down versions of the actual products offered elsewhere around the globe??? Meaning is our G10 series also inferior to the G10s elsewhere? Since the Australian S-series DOES seem inferior to that of the S-series elsewhere too!*