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  1. Thanks for comment. Anything cheaper at the $500 mark?
  2. Hi Looking for a 40inch TV for the bedroom. Requirements is it has to be wireless, be able to be able to access my network shares on my PC and be able to be mounted on the wall. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the feedback I hooked up my xw350 to my other panasonic plasma and it works without any issues. The setup where it isnt working i have a sc-ht60. PVR connects via HDMI to TV the SCH-HT60 has a popcorn hour connected to it only. Then it has a HDMI out which connects to the plasma. Whats my next step?
  4. Thanks for replying back M'bozo but to be honest i have no idea what you mean sorry. Care to put it in easy to understand terms diesel, ive had the product since new and its been perfect since now. Im about to try it in another TV point
  5. Hi, Currently have a problem with my xw350. Its not picking up any channels. I do an auto scan and the only channel it picks up is channel 31 (44). I then say to download channels from TV and again it picks up only channel 31 (44). If i then bypass the PVR and plug the co ax into the TV im able to pick all my channels again. Put it back to the PVR and i get nothing!! Has anyone else had this issue? What can do i to fix it. Im feeling lost without my PVR.
  6. I would believe the panasonic website over two sales guys any day!!!
  7. So has anyone received the PVR yet? Mine finally got validated last night (took about a week)
  8. Same except for colour and contrast I changed to 40. I think i may even bump the colour up to 50...
  9. Dont forget Home & Away haha
  10. Thanks for the heads up Knowing my luck i probably will too. THink im just going to leave it
  11. Will this work on the G10A as well?
  12. Hi, Im pretty sure the 50G10A had a ticket price of around 2500. No i didnt go the extended warranty.
  13. TH-P50G10A online at Clive Peters for $2199 -
  14. Thanks but it was not easy at all getting this price. I went to the following stores Harvey Norman Knox - $2200 JB HIFI knox - $2500 Harvey Norman Fountain Gate (rude customer service at this place, wouldnt go there again) - $2398 Good Guys Fountain Gate - $2398 JB HIFI $2000 (The salesman name was James or Jamie he was very nice)
  15. i actually ended up getting the 50G10A from JB in fountain gate today for $2000. Will be getting it delivered mid next week.