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  1. Thanks for the reply and saving me to trawl through 37 pages of this this thread. But I still have problems with a certain dvd not displaying english subtitles on this 450 unit.
  2. Is it me or is there just a delay when going between menu screens and switching from TV (HDD)mode to DVD mode in the XW450 unit? Our Pioneer 250G DVD recorder unit seems to go through quicky between menu screens and switching between DVD & HDD mode. Not to start a fanboy war between Pioneer and Panasonic owners, but I just want to be sure. Hopefully I don't have a defective Panasonic unit.
  3. Yes I have. I have tried: - selecting various subtitles at the main menu screen (setup/subtitle options) before the movie starts - selecting various subtitles as the movie is playing (pressing the subtitle button) but no luck whatsoever on the problem DVD players.
  4. My fiance bought a DVD movie from Yesasia called April Bride. Region 3 Hong Kong DVD. For those that are interested it is a chick flick. Here's the problem: on some DVD players (Pioneer 626D & Panasonic DMR-XW450) the english subtitles show up as chinese characters, but on the PC and on the Pioneer DVD Recorder (can't remember of the top of my head, but it's the last 250G model) the english subtitles show up with no problem. It's hard to say if it's the disc or the dvd players/recorders, but I just want to be able to have some consistency and have the english subtitles display altogether! Is there a solution for this problem? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (or can't watch her DVDs!) Help out a brother! Thanks!
  5. And that's the problem. I'm going shopping at some retailers hoping to score a discontinued Pioneer recorder.
  6. This makes me sad. Pioneer, you make a good product and then you decide to take your bat and ball and go home. I saw this as well. Makes me cry.
  7. The new Blu-ray line up will hopefully be capable of burning to DVD as well. Was rather concerned as well that DVD recorders were no longer listed on the Pioneer Australian website as well!
  8. There Will Be Blood is part of the JB B2G1F sale. Can anyone confirm that the Australian release is Region Free? The UK release is apparently region locked, but according to lies.bluray (whatever) it says the AU version is region free. Please help!
  9. My EP10 redemption titles arrived today. Miami Vice Superman Returns Syriana The Holiday The Hulk 04/03/2008 HD-EP10-K-TY RECEIVED. Online Claim has been successfully submitted. 17/03/2008 HD-EP10-K-TY APPROVED. Redemption claim has been validated and approved. 26/03/2008 HD-EP10-K-TY FULFILMENT IN PROCESS. Money orders/Redemption item(s) being ordered 15/04/2008 - HD-DVD movies received. Not bad. Just over one month.
  10. Norbit Norbit Norbit Norbit And finally.. Norbit
  11. Had the same problem with an XE-1 Couldn't be stuffed around in the event I got another dodgy XE-1. Asked for a refund. One month later, HD-DVD firesale. Picked up an EP-10.
  12. 45 days? So we'll be getting our free discs mid May 2008?