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  1. Yes I did, well after few drinks at our bar;)
  2. So ill be able to sleep tonight now its known
  3. I'm feeling better about this, also added cable plug size to HDMI cable specs on site after 10 years 😀
  4. The odd thing in all this from my old memory bank is, I've only ever come across this problem on one occasion before, long ago, have sent out many thousands of HDMI cables over the past decade, have owned a stack of HDMI equipped TV's and devices without a cable fit problem, once you actually have the TV and if you then have a problem simply contact me.
  5. The new HDMI over Cat Extenders will go to 50M or more, best to use 23/24 awg certified cat cable (lower the awg No. the better), ready made the best as sometimes there can be crimping mistakes if adding own Cat plugs.
  6. 3D TV never took off the first time around, the second was not going to happen to the masses I thought, so now its sayonara.
  7. That it is, look at TV's & devices forever changing its part of the game, but HDMI is universal to all but versions just confuse many.
  8. I for one would like HDMI to stop moving the Goal Posts I'd recon once a year would be more than plenty, its confusing customers and many manufacturers have a problem keeping up.
  9. STOP PRESS: - 23.5.2017 Another brand new HDMI/Cat6 Splitter model released LKV714PRO has now been confirmed up to 5 TV's! but most of all has a HDMI loop out then 4 Cats, latest info & pics now loaded on site here). The new model HDMI Cat 1x4 Splitter added recently (latter only released on 8.4.2017) - could only get 10 - we've sold out already 😜. (available on back order - note current discount top of page!) See top of EZYHD site pages for discount or other offers. For DTV Members orders over $100 will send Express Post at no extra if you contact us after order placed (and many have thank you) and... Updated our Gift shop, see excellent travel accessories and unique gifts for those special occasions ❤️. Site has been rather slow to load - now fixed, so lots of items there that the good womany may like so...We have some ripper items coming next month mini briefcase and a new batch of the "genuine" Pritech travel iShaver plus Pritech mini hair straightener when travelling - both the latter items beautifully gift boxed too. (all items are free post✔️ and can send together with EZYHD items too.
  10. For all DTV members 10% off - use DTV10 in coupon at checkout back on for December! HDMI over Cat6 1x2 splitters with device IR control huge seller. Our HDMI 1x2 4K Splitter up to 100 go out the door each month, very reliable. (both above Fox friendly!) Once again been excellent support from AV (DTV) members, thanks all.
  11. For all DTV members 10% off the lot - use DTV10 in coupon at checkout back on for December! HDMI over Cat6 1x2 splitters with device IR control work great with Fox boxes, huge seller now. Our HDMI 1x2 4K Splitter up to 100 go out the door each month, very reliable and fox box friendly. Once again been excellent support from AV (DTV) members, thanks all.
  12. Stop Press 5.9.2016 new batch of HDMI Cat 1x2 splitters with device IR control arrived be quick! Our HDMI / HDMI 1x2 Splitter is outstripping supply. See our clearance items New Type C to HDMI adapters arrived. DTV/AV Members with orders over $150 email us for a special deal!
  13. New batch of 2K/4K devices, HDMI 1x2 splitters arrived, another 100 of the HDMI 1x2 over Cat to 50m with HDMI loop out and IR control plus new model HDMI Matrix 4x2. Be into our 10th year in September since our inception right here on DTV (AV).
  14. All orders over $50 free regular shipping. DTV members email for deals above $100 (in subject use DTV). Update 6th Aug. 2016: New batch of HDMI Cat6 splitters with IR device control going gangbusters New HDMI/HDMI 2K/4K splitters and Matrix in stock Super dooper Banana plugs back in stock 10m/20m HDMI cables in short supply
  15. IF YOU SIMPLY WANT THE VERY BEST! This HDMI LKV383-4K model extender is the RR of Splitter & extenders, has HDbitT technology, to transmit HDMI signal from the source up to 394feet (120m) to your HD display and up to 253 TV’s or PJ etc. with additional TX receivers via a router over a single CAT5/5e/6 cable. With Cat5e go up to 100m and Cat6/7 up to 150m. It supports 2K/4K resolutions (3840 x [email protected]) and powered by the PoE and can send to multiple optional TX receivers to TV’s, PJ or monitors. Can control input device via IR receiver. details here can order onsite - delivery a week. for free Express Post on above model for DTV members contact us. New all HDMI cable 1x2 splitter to 20m arrived too its up to 4K model. in stock now.