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  1. Am using Emotiva XPA5 and XPA2 together with Martin Logan 40's, 30, 15's and FX'S. Oppo 105 is the main source for BD's and SACD's. I listen a lot to classical, soundtracks and some jazz. This is my first Yammy-before a Denon 2808 used as a pre pro. That had Audyssey but I was never happy with the sound though at that time I was running M.L electrostatics which Audyssey doesn't seem to like . The YPAO gives a very open smooth sound though reviewers have pointed out that its bass EQ is somewhat limited. As I am getting a M.L sub with its own EQ set up, this does not worry me. Even with out that, at the moment, it still sounds extremely natural with a good bottom end. I appreciate the flexibility of the 5000 and its great sound due probably to the Sabre dacs which get rave reviews everywhere you look. They have been described as a major advance by most reviewers and was a major selling point for me. Would recommend trying out the Yammy if you are at all interested.
  2. Had one for about 3 months. One of the best buys I have made. Superb sound for BD's as well as SACD's. Check out any of the overseas reviews which will confirm. Really easy to use as well.
  3. Am interested in the XPA 5. Are you willing to split and if so how much?
  4. I'm in Sydney. It does look quite good on 7HD but not as good as it would look if it was broadcast in 1080i. While upsampled digital can look good, it is not as good a "pure" 1080i. Just wait for the long shots. One HD does show some sports in proper HD but they seems few and far between although I am not a regular viewer to that channel I freely admit.
  5. Is it in HD? As far as I can see, while being shot in HD, 7 is merely showing an upsampled version to 1080P on their "HD" channel. The only free to air HD as far as I can see is on 90.
  6. Ihave had this set for a few months now and am very pleased with it after coming from a 70"sxrd. I suggest you run it in for the first 100 hours on full screen after reducing the contrast down to the 75% mark or thereabouts. My first one failed after about 60 hours when the HDMI input just died. HN replaced it and the second set as been fine. I adjusted the settings using Movie/ Warm 2 with the S&M set up disc that came with my Oppo. The results are superb and decided to get a proper gray scale calibration at the end of May. Can post my settings if it will help but all sets are different and what works for me may not work for you.
  7. I dealt with them and they were very professional. You just need to make your mind up whether to go for a replacement OB or a trade in.Good luck.
  8. Unfortunately, Laurie , I had to put in the difference. I valued my 70" then at about $4000 and had hoped that Bing Lee would help with a good price on the plasma. They did not want to know and had none in stock with delivery about 6-8 weeks away. So I put in the extra and got it straight away from HN . We would have been arguing about $750 max thru the Tribunal and I did not think it was worth the effort. Anyway, I'm a happy little camper now!
  9. A few months ago, I had OB problems with my 70". The Sony recommended repairers here in Sydney( whose name escapes me) said that they had OB's in stock and replacment was no problem. AS the price to replace the OB was $3250, I spoke to the warranty company and arranged a payment of that amount to me and they took the SXRD in return. Am very happy with my Sammy 63" plasma.
  10. If a set fails like yours in the timeframe mentioned, then you can argue (at common law)that it was not of merchantable quality to begin with.You should threaten to take Sony to your local Consumer Tribunal although in my experience, Sony will take no notice till you actually do. Then they should offer you a refund less an amount for reasonable use and enjoyment. They will probably try to give you an exchange with a Bravia. It's up to you whether you accept it or go for the cash and choose another brand.
  11. If the bandwidth is not used for HD, then you can squeeze in more SD channels. I quickly looked at My Family last night which had been advertised as being in HD I seem to recall, but it was SD. I see that there are 2 programmes in today's Guide that are advertised to be in HD next weekend. It wil be interesting to see whether those go to air in that format or are dumbed down to SD as My Family.
  12. What you are seeing is an upsampled signal to 720p from SD. "Real HD" on ABC 1 was few and far between. I can assure you that my contact does indeed know what they are talking about but I have respect their privacy ( and their job)so I am not saying anymore.
  13. Someone who works there. The news channel will be SD. The management have chose to use the bandwidth for more channels than higher quality.
  14. ABC bows out of HD programming (not that there has been much) on saturday 6 March at After that, no more. They have something better to do with the bandwidth-more channels.
  15. Did you get extended warranty?If you did you have nothing to loose.If you didn't you are looking at a $3200 repair job . In any event, there is nothing to guarantee that if repaired the problem would not occur in the future.