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  1. H there, I was hoping to get a little advice on fixing up the really poor reception at my house in Chelmer, Brisbane. The reception on FTA analog signal is pretty bad. And also on Digital, its unwatchable using the Hotchip 500HDMI STB (specificaly ch. 7 and ch. 9, ch . 10 is slightly watchable but breaks up a little, ABC and SBS are fine though). We have an antenna installed on the roof. And also at our house we get bad mobile phone reception. We are kinda in a gully sorta area near the river so maybe it is due to that i'm not sure. I've got an indoor antenna I'm playing around with, I notice on the TV picture for the analog there is some EMF waves interfering, as well as a "snowy" type appeareance. But on occasions while i'm fiddling with teh antenna it will have a split second where teh reception goes perfect, but never holds there. Forgive my ignroance but I dont quite understand the results from using the ABC coverage map results; the line copied here was the only one that said DIGITAL TV. Brisbane ABC Digital TV QLD ABQ12 226.5 MHz I set the hotchip to 226.5mhz setting. But nothing got any bettter with teh FTA commercial channels. Have I dont this bit right? Is there some way to tell if the problem is due to a weak signal by using the STB setup facility, as it does have a couple level bars that show me some % results for signal information. Is there anything else I can do? Much appreciate any assistance. Peter.
  2. Forgot to add was looking at the YAMAHA RXV361 from ebay for about $400 new condition. It has the component inputs, no RGB input and no coax audio output. Thanks.
  3. Hey, I'm in the market for a budget AV receiver and looking to find the best one for my situation. First do any AV receivers exist that would provide a direct coax or optical audio OUTPUT ? The reason being is I own the logitech z680 which comes with its own control panel box. it has inputs for coax and optical or 3 x stereo 3.5mm analogue jacks input. I guess I could use convertors to go from 3xLR audio's output --> 3.5mm input on the logitech, but a single coax cable would be a lot nicer. Aside from that any recommendations on a $500 or less AV receiver with at least 2 component inputs, RGB (computer) input , 1 component output ? My INPUT devices: dvd/component dvd/coax vhs/rca video vhs/rca audio nintendo wii/component nintendo wii/rca audio laptop/DB15 (monitor out) can use component cable video output laptop/3.5mm stereo out. (can use RCA convertor) My OUTPUT devices: LCD 106cm TV - component or HDMI input Surround sound system w/ built in amp - coax (or optical / 3 x 3.5mm stereo inputs if necessary). Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey, I cant start a new thread but am wondering what options i have to manage the few audio/video inputs i have. I'd like an AV reciever ( i think thats what its called) but dont really want to spend more than a couple hundred really. I've got a 100cm LCD tv (with HDMI, Scart, component and composite inputs) and 5.1 logitech z500 surround system with inbuilt DD decoder (coax/optical inputs and seperate 3.5mm inputs)... the devices i have running is DVD/Video player combo, wireless AV sender and nintendo WII and also am about to purchase a Digital TV set top box. any ideas for a very budget way to handle the injputs so they all go out through my audio system and can remotely control the signal source? thanks in advance.