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  1. Beat me to it... I've just started using this method myself, with a couple of minor adjustments. I use AnyDVD to rip to HDD. Then I use a file size of 250MB per 22 mins of a TV ep (so 500MB if it's a 44min ep). Works well, and still looks pretty good. I use MakeMKV for movies and keep them as MPEG2 with AC3/DTS (whatever's best) audio. Cheers, athe.
  2. What did you use to rip them, and what do you use to mount the ISOs? I've read that using Virtual Clone Drive if they were ripped with AnyDVD HD works with TMT3... Cheers, athe.
  3. Sorry, bit obscure - manufacture date of 2009. The 2008 run had an issue with 24p passthrough (i.e. didn't work), but if you can get a 2009, this fixes the issue. Regardless, I've decided to just grab a Xonar D2/PM while I can and use the HTPC for SD and HD DVD rips (MKVs with audio converted to FLAC), and purchase a standalone BD player with 7.1 analog at some point. Still trying to decide whether to upgrade the onboard HD3200 video to an nVidia card - need to do some Reclock tests to see if I can fix the minor stuttering I get at 24p, but need to rebuild before I do so. Cheers, athe.
  4. Speaking of the HDAV Deluxe, does anyone know if we've got the 9 series here yet? I need something with analog until the day (at the moment, far into the future) I get a new receiver... I've been happy to wait for the Essence ST with daughterboard, but would be nice to not have to hack around to get full bitrate audio. I'm also tempted to just get a standalone BD player and use the HTPC for HD/SD DVD only. So many decisions... Cheers, athe.
  5. With ALC889A, you wont be able to bitstream - it's an analog only audio codec (despite what PowerDVD9 press releases mistakenly state). If you wanted to get a new motherboard that has an nVidia IGP (9200/9300), you will be able to send 7.1 LPCM via onboard HDMI, but again, that's the best it'll do. There are currently no onboard solutions that'll do bitstreaming (assuming you mean the raw TrueHD or DTS-HD MA data). Xonar HDAV and (soon to be released, if you believe their latest announcement) Auzentech Home TheatreHD sound cards are the ONLY options for that type of bitstreaming. Hope this info helps. Cheers, athe.
  6. You'll get the highest bitrate audio (quality is another thing) from Blu-ray using the analog connections, and setting your player to 5.1 or 7.1 speakers. However, the best you'll get is 16/48 - AACS requirements, etc - unless you use a hack like the TMT one I describe above (assuming it works). Setting your audio driver to 24/96 will force your driver to resample to that rate, but regardless, they most you'll get from the player is 16/48. This isn't a huge problem though, as at the moment the majority of Blu-rays are 16/48 anyway (although I think this is changing fairly quickly now). As for quality, well, onboard isn't necessarily the best for quality - too much noise introduced by other components on the motherboard. I have ALC888 on my gaming rig, and I find the analog is crap. You're much more likely to get better quality sound by adding a reasonable soundcard - you'll get great sound from something like a Xonar D2X or Auzentech Forte, but even the cheaper Xonar DX would be an improvement. Hell, even the old Audigy card I used to have is better than the 888. As I mentioned above, I'm going to grab a Forte and use that until the Xonar Essence ST is available here (figure I can move the Forte to my gaming rig later and get some benefit from the X-fi chip - maybe). BTW, I've always found that PL on 2-channel material seems to muddy the sound (perhaps similar to the distortion you mentioned on your LPCM track). I prefer to leave my amp set to direct mode without any special extra processing of the incoming material (i.e. when using SPDIF, my amp wont do any processing on the analog inputs). But of course, this, like most audio situations, is usually a personal preference. PLxII on 5.1 material is worthwhile though if you have a 7.1 speaker setup (I used to until I moved house, and now only have room for 5.1). Oh, and if you're going to go analog, get rid of AC3Filter. Unless you plan on using its individual channel speaker levelling, it's essentially useless overhead, and a potential cause of issues down the line. Cheers, athe.
  7. BTW, if you're using DD/DTS passthrough, it's irrelevant what you set your driver's bitrate/sample depth too - you're still only getting whatever the track was originally encoded as. You need to decode then re-encode with AC3Filter, DDLive, or something else. Cheers, athe.
  8. Even at 24/96 on SPDIF, you're going to be sending 2 channels and any surround is your receiver applying PL or whatever other effects to it. To get the benefits of multi-channel at that depth, you need to use either HDMI or analog. Cheers, athe.
  9. Onboard ALC889A (using the Gigabyte MA78GM-US2H motherboard), but am looking at getting an Auzentech Forte 7.1 in the next month or so, for use until the Xonar Essence ST (PCI version) comes out with the daughter board. I don't have a HDMI capable amp, so am stuck with analog - not that it bothers me in particular. Cheers, athe.
  10. A reported work around if you are using Arcsoft TMT - grab the file (in Program Files/Common/Arcsoft or similar) from .125 release, and then drop it over the top of the same file in your updated TMT (e.g. .130). Apparently .125 didn't do downsampling of the audio. I haven't tested this (yet), just found read about it over @ AVS Forums. Cheers, athe.
  11. What's the transfer quality like on the BD series? I'm thinking of picking it up for the missus as an upgrade to her DVDs. Cheers, athe.
  12. Hi all, I'm considering getting one of these units soon, and have a couple of questions regarding it and MKV file support. I have a lot of my HD DVDs ripped to MKV with FLAC as the primary audio, and DD @ 640Kbps as the secondary track (just in case). To the questions: 1) When I play one of these files through the WDTV, am I able to select the DD track for playback rather than it defaulting to the FLAC (which, I assume will be downsampled to 2.0 or something like that)? EDIT: Nevermind, found the option to select audio stream in the manual. 2) Does the WDTV support VC-1 video codec? I can't see it mentioned anywhere on the WD website. Cheers, athe.
  13. Thought I'd ask here rather than starting a new topic... Does anyone have any experience with the Gigabyte 4850 with Heatpipe (Multi-Core they call it I think)? I am considering getting two of these to run in Crossfire mode in my HTPC so that I can also use it for high(er)-end gaming (STALKER, Crysis, etc), but still have it run silently. Reviews are pretty favourable on the 4850 in general, but I have only found a single review specifically for this card, and it didn't include Crossfire. Further details I'm basing my descision on can be found here, where it stacks up quite well in Crossfire mode against other cards (Crysis, well not really, but that game doesn't scale very well on SLI either, and I'm more interested in playing STALKER and its prequel in high detail @ 1080p). Cheers, athe.
  14. If it has the PAP support for the ALC889A then I might be tempted to get it, and just continue to use TMT for HD DVD only. But not at $200...