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  1. What is this topic all about? As far as I know, ABC has never transmitted a native HD broadcast and have indicated no intention to do so. It is all just upconverted for what it is worth. Has the ABC (or SBS) ever transmitted native HD? So much for the public broadcaster getting into the spirit of things and demonstrating technological innovation.
  2. I agree that Prime HD is much better than Prime/Win/Southern Cross SD, ABC and SBS. I hate to admit it (because of the reluctant commitment of Channel 7 to HD (and then only 576p) and general boot dragging), but when Prime HD is working correctly the picture is excellent. Win only seems to show HD on Sunday mornings and I still haven't made up my mind about SC10 HD (despite it being native 1080i it doesn't always seem to be as good as I would expect).
  3. I think your problem is more likely interference to your antennae cable as it runs through the house to the TV. This could be because it crosses next to a power line or some other conduit. Digital can be susceptible to interference even from just a fridge switching on and off. Having said this, it probably doesn't help because it might be expensive to get a shielded cable and it might not still fix the problem
  4. Any reviewer who is seriously recommending people buy a 4:3 TV (even if the value is fantastic) to carry them over their next ten years viewing is pretty short sighted.
  5. Sorry, I should have said Southern Cross something or other, with a 10 in it.
  6. I note that the Capital EPG seems to be fully working now. I noticed that Capital showed 10 minutes of the AFL 'Before the Game' on their HD channel at 6:30pm on Saturday, before someone (probably wisely) took it off. Another forum topic notes that Channel 10 have been trialling a few AFL games in HD with outstanding results. I assume that they will do the Grand Final in HD and we will get to see it here. By comparison, the Fox Footy broadcasts (usually on Win) are a woeful production quality.
  7. What is the story with Prime in the ACT? I am assuming that they are just re-directing SD to their HD channel or, at best, are upconverting. I am yet to see any HD (576p or 1080i) on Prime HD as far as I can tell?
  8. I have a DGTEC 2000 and have no problems with captions on the ABC, SBS or Capital. They certainly remain long enough to easily read. As far as I am aware, Prime and Win do not offer captioning? I live out Belconnen way. It sounds to me like the STB is the problem.
  9. Win HD on Sunday morning was broadcasting in Dolby 3/2. Not all the channels had sound, and the business show is not exactly a good demonstration for sound, but it sounded OK. Does anyone know if this is to be a regular thing for WIN?
  10. What is the bet that Prime will not meet their HD quota and their will not be any sanctions? After all, both Prime and Win succesfully argued that they could not caption their programs because of the expense. Meanwhile, Capital (along with ABC and SBS) have always captioned their DTV programming despite the considerable expense (Capital even captions Big Brother despite the obvious expense of any 'line' programming). Why are Prime and Win allowed to get away with this cost saving when a direct competitor is doing the right thing by the community? Channel 7 (and Prime) have always dragged their feet a bit in terms of their commitment to HD and their no show in Canberra is not surprising. Win and Capital have made the necessary cost investments and upgrades to allow them to meet their quotas, despite the considerable expense. Once again, Channel 7's (Prime) HD commitment has been under-resources by senior management which has always (and still does) want to go the multicahnnel route. This is the reason they have choosen to use lower quality 576p to meet their HD quota (rather than 1080i like Win and Capital) so they are in a position to quickly multichannel if they are ever allowed to do so. Don't get me started on Channel 7 (4:3)!!!!
  11. This was the first 'HD' broadcast movie I have seen in Canberra. Despite the complaints on the main forum, the picture quality was noticeably better than SD (in my view). The picture was soft in tone, but had excellent clarity and resolution in some scenes. The colour contrast was very good (which on a mere 'HD Ready' CRT is the main instantly noticeable advantage on HD compared to SD). Congratulations should go to Capital for putting it on out here in the regional market.
  12. Gods...I'm amazed at how spoiled you lot are! I live in Canberra and this is the first movie broadcast in 'HD' that we have had. Although soft in contrast, it was definetely better than SD even on just an old 'HD Ready' CRT. Perhaps some of you should go back to exclusively watching analogue for 6 months or so, so you can be amazed by DTV all over again.
  13. I assume that your system is not already set up, as you could just replicate this in Canberra. Provided you have an outside antennae you should have no problems with the quality of reception for digital TV. There are some notable 'black holes' (in the shadow of Black Mountain) and down and out in Tuggeranong. You can even get away with a good quality indoor antennae in most parts of northern Canberra. I think that the only thing to remember is to use component cables (the ones with the three different colours for video) when connecting your HD STB and DVD player to the plasma. Don't use the composite cables (one video plus plus 2 sound plugs) that often come with DVDs and STBs etc. You don't need expensive ones for your set up and don't let any store talk you into paying big dollars for cabling (don't pay any more than $30 for each cable). You will probably also need coaxial or optic cables for the separate sound connections. Again, don't spend any more than $30 for these cables. Try any of the bigger elctronic retailers for your cables if you don't already have them (JB HiFi, Dick Smith, Allans, Harvey Norman etc). Make sure you put all of the elements of your system where they will be physically placed before buying cables so that you can get the minimum length necessary (normally 1 or 2 m for the component cables and 2 or 3m for the audio). You are coming at the right time for HD in Canberra. Capital (Channel 10) and Win (Channel 9) have just started up HD transmissions although they still have a few months to go to full roll out. Prime (Channel 7) are lagging behind, as usual, but should start up regular transmissions in the next few months.
  14. I finally got to sit down last night and watch the Capital HD loop and a bit of Kerri Anne on Win this morning. I still haven't seen any 'HD' on Prime. It took me a while because of another quirk in the good old (now nearly 5 years old) DGTEC. I have always had it set on 576p. Switching over in this mode reveals an off-black screen with the channel list. I have always had the quirk that it sometimes doesn't switch leaving a black screen. Anyway, I have now found that selecting 1080i results in a default black screen rather than the channel list (it is necessary to click on the remote to select the channel list and channels etc). For the last few days I have assumed that the black screen has meant it wasn't working (as for 576p mode), but now know better.
  15. Thanks for the up date.