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  1. We are in Paten Road. You guys are right, I'll just get him out and make him fix it. After all I've already paid $400 and have plenty of other work to do than fiddle with TV reception. By the way CH 31 on analogue is perfect, i don't watch it much, but it's nice to have as an option
  2. I guess my problem is too much signal ? We have just bought a house at the gap and renovating before moving in. We got an antenna specialist to put in a new antenna and run two out lets, one to the lounge and the other to the rumpus room. he mentioned that the signal may be too strong and he would have to put in a attenuator. if you go to the front yard and look up the towers are less than a kilometre away. last night i brought over a small TV with built in digital and analogue tuner. the analogue i don't care about (31 would be nice occasionally) just the digital there is no reception on channel nine or ABC (no signal) it says. channel 7 comes and goes with the blocky breaking up thing do i need an attenuator because I'm so close, or an amplifier, or someone recommended a filter, the same person said you can have one mast with two antennas so you catch the signal from all the stations as we are so close. Any ideas, opinions before i ring the antenna installer and try to sort it by spending more money.