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  1. PM Sent re: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk.
  2. I'm still waiting for my order from Big W from their sale to arrive...supposedly sent on 13th Dec but it amazes me my wife can order purfume from Strawberry Net in Hong Kong and have it arrive in a week but Blu Rays that were accordingly in stock when ordered from an Australian retailer on 7th Dec still haven't wonder the local market is suffering
  3. Thanks but really after Region A due to better sound and extras.
  4. Just after Walking Dead Season 2 - Region A now if anyone has it for sale. Season 1 has been sourced.
  5. Looking for Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 - Region A Blu Ray if anyone is looking to sell them.
  6. Dark knight Rises & men on black 3d ex rental were 19.95 - 25% at my local Video Ezy today.
  7. Just ordered one also...too good to pass up at that price. It'll be a nice upgrade from my 10 year old Pioneer....if the wife gets to upgrade the coffee machine when there's nothing wrong with the old one I'm sure she'll understand
  8. No such luck at my local...I guess if they don't have any shelf prices they won't have to give any away for the wrong price!!
  9. I was able to find this in my local Woolworths but couldn't find any indication of the shelf price...was it $22 in a catalog or only on the shelf?
  10. If there was a way to get the HD channels onto this unit I would go back to it in a flash...mine still works but has been demoted to the spare room. This was the first unit that my wife understood and appreciated the upgrade over a VCR...simple functions such as being able to pause a recording and switching itself on and off for timer recordings that this unit had seem to be a rare occurance in most of today's units.
  11. I had two lots of blu rays ship on the 2nd and 5th of November and both arrived in Central Vic yesterday (15th) !!!! I've had orders from JB Online take longer than that!!!
  12. Currently $19.98 @ JB
  13. Cheers. Just called Bendigo Myers and it was back to $149 so would be nice if the $99 price was still valid.