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  1. Listening to RUSH. the spirit of radio. greatest hits 74-87 album at the moment here. finished an ENIGMA album a minute ago REGARDS SNOW
  2. Thanks for the welcome. And yes I will most likely post here a bit in the 2 ch section.REGARDS SNOW
  3. Hi all this is my first post here. I am an audiophile from fairbanks alaska. I was looking for info on the Musical Fidelity X-10 v3 and stumbled accross this thread and thought I should join the forum. First off I wanted to say this has been a fantastic read, well done by all. Unlike most reviews from magazines etc it is real world experience in fellow audiophiles homes that count the most in my mind. Because sometimes I feel that magazine articles can or are slightly colored by the magazine depending on the company involved. But with you fellows there is no reason to alter or add. Either its good or bad and you will tell it like it is. REGARDS SNOW