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  1. Yeah thanks mate. This is a stop gap waiting to see were uhd goes. Don't really want to spend much dosh on it. I have two other MR DVD players and no OS BRs so will probably just slot a DVD player in for the few discs I have less than 10 I suspect. It's just plain stupid though why have manufacters gone back to locking DVD players a decade on?
  2. Picked up a BD-S677 player from Corza which is all good. But I was told by a retailer that they can be made region free for DVD by a remote code? Ofcourse not buying of them they are not going to be forthcoming. Not interested in multi region BR just DVD as I have a few discs Does anybody no the procedure ?
  3. Plus colours on the data projectors are all over the place, better buying a old secondhand HT projector for occasional use.
  4. Because I think you have the facts wrong? Ice goes into adminstaration , the ADMINSTRATORS wipes all customers subscriptions and creditors and then WHO? puts there hand out ??? We don't know the Who yet do we? Or do you? Get a grip all I am saying is your spurting your opinion all over the place when you and none of us have the full facts.
  5. Quote [Defamation—also calumny, vilification, and traducement—is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual person, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation as well as other various kinds of defamation that retaliate against groundless criticism.] Quote [in general, an opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or statement about matters commonly considered to be subjective.] Call it mate contact the ex director of ice TV and tell him it's dodgy, don't hide behind the Internet. Prove to us it's dodgy I couldnt give a flying **** if Isis have purchased ICE TV and are providing the service I just want the service.
  6. Yeah my programs have reappeared. Great news, the keyboard warriors are still out there making all sorts of accusations guess something never change their always be negative [deleted].
  7. Why don't you contact or send them a letter and ask them. Include you contact details so that if their defamation lawyers contact you , you'll know you were wrong.
  8. Ffs research it first. The owner of ice has already fessed up and said he ****ed up and basically skippa cost him. The new subscription was going to be licensed out to enable thier subscribers to continue with an excellent service. I got the impression it's nothing to do with the original owner but could be wrong. I actually appreciate him going the extra mile to get the service back on track and will support him with a monthly subscription and acept my lost subscription as just that lost.
  9. That's great news smithy! Thanks for posting I have recieved anything yet but will certainly be going on with it. I wasn't looking forward to programming the old way.
  10. Solved. I was out of bandwidth last month when I tried to play it. Tried it again last night and all good. Seems the BDP 150 needs the Internet connection off if you have lower speeds.
  11. Nah all good there. I need to take the disc back and try another.
  12. Anybody else had problems? Plays okay on our older Pana.
  13. Yeah thanks , FYI since the last S1 FW it has played every DVD I have tried but that ain't too many.
  14. Hey SF what do you think of the P2 over the S1 much difference in any of the functionality?