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  1. Hi guys, Figured I'd try here in addition to advertising it elsewhere, but I'm looking to sell my BenQ W1070 projector. It's a very capable 1080p projector with outstanding 3D capability, but it just doesn't have the black level reproduction that I'm after for what is a dedicated room. In all fairness, however, that's to be expected for one so remarkably cheap. While I can pretty safely claim it was first purchased from Officeworks for $997 on April 22nd 2013 (if just because I posted about it on this forum), I can find neither the receipt nor the manual. I say *first* purchased, however, because I returned that unit inside of a couple of weeks due to it having a faulty fan. That said, the replacement hasn't missed a beat. Firmware version is at v1.05, it's done 804 lamp hours, and it's in excellent condition. What's pretty funny, though, is that I forgot to package the original remote inside the original box when I returned it, so my W1070 will come with two of them. Along with that, you'll get four sets of 3DTV glasses (one still unopened in its original box) and I bought three replacement Duracell 2032 batteries that don't expire until at least 2020 that I'll be including. I live in the Perth metro area, don't have the original box, and would prefer local pick up, but I'd be willing to package and ship it to anywhere in Australia for about $50. I'm asking for $600, given the extras and the unit's condition, but we'll see. I do have another room though in which I can use it, so if I get no takers I'll gladly keep it for that, if just because it's such phenomenal value for money.
  2. Hey guys, Anyone have any advice re: who to go with in Perth to get my projector mounted? I live up in Banksia Grove, just north of Joondalup, and I'm considering my options. I went in to West Coast Hifi in Joondalup, and I was quoted $129 for the mount plus $300 for the installation itself, but they said they'd get back to me and didn't (which I do find a little annoying). Has anyone used any of the online people like or I can't find any feedback about these two, and that concerns me. Or, has anyone else used another company to do the job that they can recommend? Thanks guys.
  3. I'd also be interested to hear about pricing on this, if the deal's still going
  4. Bit crap your 919's died already, it's only a couple years old that one. I wouldn't be too eager to be picking up a Pioneer again if I were you. Anyway, Eastwood Hifi have the Yamaha RX-V3071 on special at $1699. That'd be a solid 9.2 receiver, and the price includes delivery. I dealt with them upgrading to my Onkyo 1007, and even though there were some problems with the first unit I received, they were dealt with pretty swiftly. Definitely worth a look
  5. Pretty good suggestions. I prefer using Potplayer to MPC-HC myself, but the ffdshow suggestions here are good for whichever player is preferred. I did tinker with MPC though, and for some reason, still couldn't get ffdshow to show up in the filters menu until I'd added it as a preferred external filter. This is on my htpc, on which I have very little installed. I did notice that quite a few of my mkv rips were using the VC-1 codec - most notably the Bourne trilogy. I tried setting ffdshow up to also decode VC-1, but the audio/video was quite out of sync with that. It was fine with the AVC1 ones though. I'm considering getting a nice new nVidia card for my htpc though, to replace an AMD Radeon 6570. It wouldn't have to be anything killer for gaming, just video playback. HDMI would be a necessity, and silent a huge bonus.
  6. That's kinda why I've been shopping at JB lately, because the enthusiast stores have just been dying out. Still, I wouldn't say JB's range was really all that bad, I figure you'd have to spend at least 3x the price elsewhere to get something noticeably better. I recently upgraded my fronts to the Wharfedale AT-500's. You can see them here. JB had 40% off their speakers barely a couple of weeks ago, and I pounced. Got the pair for less than $400, and they look real nice with the front covers off. Obviously, I'm not concerned with having matching speakers, but part of me wishes I'd picked up the Wharfedale Xarus centre from JB back during that special, rather than the Jensen more recently. Jensen seemed to have slightly better specs though, and I really like the magnetic front cover. On a positive note, I had a call from JB about their current special, and they were willing to discount my purchase of a few days ago, so I'm happy about that. There are definitely worse stores out there. While you might be considering the Jensen X-7's from JB, they do look a little too slimline for my liking. They're probably very capable though, and 30% off makes for a tasty deal. At the very least, considering you're in the market for a new centre and perhaps new fronts, I'd be headed down there looking for a quick demo, because you could get the X-7's and the X-11 centre well within that $1500 budget.
  7. I picked up the Jensen X-11 Centre speaker from JB a little under a week ago for approximately $378, and they now have 30% off Jensen speakers, which drops the price of the X-11 to around $278. While I'm obviously a little miffed (and planning on calling them to ask if I could get a discount off my purchase), it's a capable centre speaker. I don't think you'd be able to get something noticeably better without spending at least a grand.
  8. Just out of curiosity, but how many hours did you do on yours before it died? I have an TW1000 with about 1230 ish hours on the clock, and I'm wondering how many more I can expect from it.
  9. I'm in Perth, there are handyman services here that could prove useful also. Certainly something for me to think about. Yeah mate certainly looking that way. I'd love to be able to end up with a wall-to-wall screen,with no pesky speakers or a sub to get in the way.
  10. It's all good mate, I appreciate his suggestions, and if I could've I'd have done it exactly the way he described. Never mind though, I'll still make it great, it's just going to take some time.
  11. Yeah they were talking mark ups of at least 20% on just about any job. Our sales rep was pretty upfront with that, and recommended we go elsewhere if at all possible. The only reason we had carpets installed was because their standard range was included for free, and even then we had to pay extra for the underlay. Thanks mate, you've hit the nail on the head. I'd like to think it will all be pretty great once it's fully setup, even if it's going to take a while to get there. Oh yeah, and Seaton definitely does rock
  12. You said something about a drop-down projector platform constructed in the roof space. What, do you think after I might've mentioned that, that they'd have said "one of them? sure, we get that request all the time"?? And then there's the rather obvious budget constraints that I have mentioned, several times. I'd love to have blown 20k on upgrades prior to moving in, but c'est la vie.
  13. I'm not made of money mate. They're just a first home owner's builder, and I asked about options during our pre-start interview like sound isolation in the walls, but I was told "we don't do that". If you don't want to help with a suggestion or two, do me a favour and don't visit the thread again.
  14. Oh don't you worry, I can do what I like to that room. I really hadn't thought about doing something like that to the windows, but I will. The more light I can prevent getting in, the better, and I'm honestly not terribly fussed with how they're going to look at the end of the day. Yeah I'll get a screen, eventually. For now I'm going to make up a border out of black wrapping paper (as I have in my current rental) and just project onto the wall. I won't get a screen until I've painted though. I do like the thought of carpet though, but then I never really considered that claustrophobic feeling. When I'm able to get a little cash aside I might source a quote or two. They always seem to have that lovely dark red carpet up in the "gold class" theatres in these parts, and to tell the truth, I'd love that in mine. I'd like to discuss paint colours though. Obviously a dark, dull colour is best. I've read one guy absolutely swear by black, where another said don't because black can make a room look depressing with the lights on. Anyone have any ideas? Outside of dark red, I'm more partial to the dark greys than the dark browns. It's funny, but the first conversation we had with our immediate neighbours I brought up the noise issue straight away. We live on a corner block, but alas, my theatre room is on the inside wall, rather than the outside. I'm always mindful of the time that I have it on, and would never run it late. As with most people, I would suspect, it's not like I'm in there every night, and would only crank it a maximum of maybe three times a week, if that. They seemed fine with it too, even said they work nights, but hey, I'll try and do the right thing.