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  1. "So i have to have telstra cable. With cable im getting 115Mbps roughly 10mb per second." What is your upload speed?
  2. Surely it is time to drop SD
  3. I saw the first few days of the 4K UHD coverage uploaded on the net. None of the athletics though :-(
  4. I think they have finally fixed the IQ3 issues with the latest firmware update. It is finally usable for me after almost 2 years of pulling my hair out
  5. I've been on the NBN with Optus FTTH for the last 18 months at a constant 100 mbps with no issues.
  6. The latest software update from last week has significantly improved the speed and functionality of my IQ3 box. Still not perfect, but alot better than what it's been for the last 12 months....
  7. Is there anyone in the world recording the daily NBC USA 4K UHD coverage of the olympics by any chance? Thanks
  8. Sky UK are launching a 4K service showing EPL and movies. When is Foxtel going to offer customers some 4K UHD content?
  9. Digital tv began in 2001. Mpeg4 started rolling out in 2008. It is now 2016. We really have dragged the ball in regard to all this......
  10. Yes Laurie that was why I asked. My rears never fired up for the state of origin last night so i was wondering if it was 2.0 only
  11. Just wondering what sound formats 9HD 7HD and Ten HD are transmitting. Ten HD used to show AFL in 5.1 sound. Thanks
  12. TEN probably bought the SD versions
  13. It's gone here in Melbourne. Time to free up the extra bitrate for 7 HD surely. At least Call to Win is still on on Expo channel on Foxtel
  14. Thanks Davmel. Looks like Fox Sports 4 and ESPN 1 & 2 have taken a hit. The other sports channels have remained constant or slightly better. Why wouldn't they give the spare channels bugger all and beef up the rest.
  15. It's a sad state of affairs really for Australian Viewers. I have a HDD full of 3D coverage from channel 9's temporary channel setup in 2012 and now for the 2016 Olympics all we get is 1920x1080 HD