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  1. just one thing with the optical mod - i did and mine works fine. But some ppl have been complaining of the xbox restarting when swithcing back to the HDMI source say from normal DTV. one method of fixing it can be found here - u open up the metal casing and snip/remove the looping black wire. Works fine after that - HDMI video from foxtail and optical audio from jaycar. I also taped up the metal casing with electric tape just to be safe. Here Have fun man - pro pack rules! make sure u get a 175W falcon model as well on the power brick. I had to open 4-5 boxes in harvey norman until i found it. Benq ROM and Falcon Mobo = sweet! Geoff.
  2. awesome thread - dortamur - first of all - excellent purchase! i'm in a similar position to you with the phoenix/centrix set up. Initially my problem was that the centrix was at knee level, i've angled it up and its made a slight difference. ALthough, probably at an earlier stage as i still haven't had time to manually calibrate the speakers on my onkyo 605 yet. Only ran the Audessey program with the SPL metre once - am keen to manually calibrate them soon. I've seen the calibration guide written by one of the forum members (Mark Techer) here Wondering if there are any other guides for manual calibration on an amp like the 605 around? one thing i've noticed is that the voices from the centrix don't really sound the same as when i tested them in clef hifi (melb), i think it is most likely due to the acoustics? they had a dedicated cave/cinema setup in the basement. Dan Tan/Yamapro have certainly been lots of help, i wish i could help them out somehow in other AV matters. Geoff.
  3. HDMI audio out from the xbox is PCM Stero output only, even if it is digital, def not ideal. I found that to be unacceptable so i used the HDMI video and optical out mod w/o buying the MS dongle - works like a charm! Esp important for surround games like bioshock and COD. Hope that helps, Geoff.
  4. not sure but i'm sure it should process - its an onkyo 605 i've just resorted to going HDMI to TV and using TV speakers. Only playing pro evo 8 on it atm now so no big deal but when i'll need to get some sort of optical output for Dolby Digital, there are a few tutorials to save getting the MS optical dongle. HDMI only outputs audio in stereo anyway - sorta sucky
  5. hi i'm having huge problems getting audio to work via HDMI from the 360 to my amp (onkyo 605) video is working fine, but i've messed around the amp settings for ages, just can't seem to get it working. HDMI inputs and audio are enabled on the amp. i'm thinking i mite need to do this http://www.chadledford.com/?p=50 and on the site its said that HDMI audio is only stereo PCM - not even dolby digital! thats a bit crap oh wells maybe i'll try jam em in like it sez on the site Geoff.
  6. Hi! Onkyo 605 is definitely giving my krix speakers a work out! I've just bought myself an xbox 360. And have found myself in a frustrating dilemma. After hooking up the HDMI (foxtail) from the xbox to my 605, im unable to attain any audio output thru my speakers. At all i've messed around on it all arvo, video is working perfectly, when i go into the menu with 'digital input' HDMI2 is selected just as the video is (HDMI2). But...i'm unable to get any HDMI output thru the speakers. Even with turning "HDMI output" to "on" i'm unable to get audio thru the TV speakers either (as the TV is hooked up via HDMI out). Any help would be greatttlyyyy appreciated! Geoff.
  7. nice work craffer i got a similar one to u from HN nunwading, all boxes were labelled 203W but after sifting thru abt 4 boxes I found a PSU with 175W (Lot 0746 CSON) So alls good! And i agree, even tho its a benq, its still pretty loud. Just..Right now i can't figure out how to get Audio via HDMI into the receiver, Video output is fine, just no sound. Going insane trying to figure it out! Geoff.
  8. it seems like with Lot 746, Team CSon from the 360list site - 5/5 ppl have gotten falcon models with 2 of them having 203W on the box as well as the brick. I wonder what the % hit rate is like with 203W PSU xbox 360's? as in getting zephyr vs falcon is there a big diff in zephry vs. falcon? maybe the falcon just has a lower chance of getting RRoD? Thanks
  9. thanks for the feedback HTPCfreak - its very reassuring, will look around more tomorrow, but if i can't find it anywhere else, i'll go back there for that 203W one. although..i suspect for 529 and the forza/viva game it might be a holiday pack still..that MS have shipped out to get rid of old stock
  10. Hi, i'm in the market for an xbox 360 pro pack to go with my new TV. all this talk abt RRoD is pretty worrying - i went in to HN Nunwading today and the game dude was nice enough to open up the box for me to have a look. it was Lot #746, Manufacture date 12/07, team: CSON arrived yesterday to HN however the box and power brick/adaptor still said 203W i didn't try the looking in with flashlight method, as i didn have a torch. So thats probably still zephyr (as it had HDMI) right? i was really wanting to buy it, but i just can't be confident its a falcon. I mean, being built in dec 07 - ud think they'd all be falcons by now. australia is quite backward then i guess?! in terms of xbox supply? any feedback would be appreciated. Has anyone purchased Xbox Pro pack and found 175W falcon mobo's? Would like to hear where u got it from. Geoff.
  11. hmmmm!! all hooked up - had a testing time messing around with the speaker wires - but finally done and Bi-Amped the phoenix's to the 605. the background sound is impressive, very enveloping, exactly like in the store - so much bass w/o a sub-woofer, i can only imagine what adding in another subwoofer would do. but one thing....i'm slightly underwhelmed by the centrix...i kept comparing it to my pio 508XDA speakers via muting it back and forth, and they aren't massively different, or the difference is much less than i expected. I suspect its becoz the speaker is on the 1st shelf of a 2shelf TV cabinet and slightly lower than normal (ie. in line with the thighs in a seated position) If i put the TV on top of the centrix, the screen would be too high. Also there is a coffee table in the way, not completely blocking but def in the sound waves path. But i'm still messing around with the 605 settings...ie. reading the instruction manual haha to get it right Geoff
  12. yeah anshul, i got the entry level Krix (mostly due to finance limitations) - the Krix Phoenix floorstanders and Krix Centrix centre. I didn't even audition the Epicentrix, becoz i knew i wouldve fallen head over heels and wouldn't have been able to go back to the Centrix. i got em for 1750 for the set of 3, from Clef Hifi in South Melbourne (is that a good price?). THey were very pleasant to deal with. Unlike "Mr Jenson" from JB Hifi. I'm mostly after a 'cinematic' sound, music isn't really a priority as the TV setup is in an isolated living room. I've auditioned Klipsch - and i was just abt to purchase those, but being 96dB+ and horn loaded, it had a very raw sound that I really liked. However, I could also imagine it hurting my ears after prolonged listening. Others included: Focal, Aaron, B&W, subsonic, jenson, wharfedale all of which didn't hit the spot for me in terms of a 'cinematic experience'. They were either too subtle and polite, bit like a cage/screen was blocking the sound from really enveloping you or just not what i was after. No doubt they are all high quality speakers - i guess that notion of 'personalising' speakers choices really shines through here. Krix was just the best balance for me between the rawness of klipsch and the politeness of the other speakers. I had a few mates along with me, and being as objectively as possible - they all liked krix the best too. and as I found out later..it also didn't surprise me that Krix powers the majority of movie cinemas around Australia. admittedly, i ran some 3 tenors/il divo CD's through the krix and my friend who is a bit more of a classical music audiophile wasn't too impressed with the krix's performance. I guess you can't have it all, but i'll rarely be running music thru, and if i did - it'd be in a compressed format. But boy - The Rock/Star Wars action scenes felt *exactly* like a cinema! "Bi-wireable?" cable? what does that mean? I bought the cable from jaycar, the guy pointed me to the reels and its got 2 copper wires running paralell if thats what your asking. Its not the thickest cable, but these are only to the front 3 speakers so they're not travelling very far. good luck anshul - just keep yourself to your own budget, becoz had i heard the epicentrix, i wouldve probably bought that, then added the neuphonix along with it for kicks. Dan/yamapro and everyone else have been a massive help. I hope i can be helpful in passing on my own exp too. I can't wait to hook it all up tonight after work after a solid gym sess! Geoff.
  13. haha nice - my krix speakers just arrived today, got some $2.65/m jaycar cable as well. The guy at jaycar said there would be no benefit upgrading above that for the power output of my system. still in the box tho! - so with the cables u just peel the plastic back a put to unsheath the copper and plug it right into the speaker? i can't believe 2 weeks ago i was *this* close to buying rubbish jensen set for 2k. Damn lucky i found out its a JB home brand made in China. Geoff
  14. thanks dude! and haha i would NEVER dream of paying $55/m for cable, was just illustrating the discrepancy in price. I was *Nearly* sucked in to buying the $11/m cabling with the speakers, but thought i might check on here first. Makes a lot more sense now tho - trip to jaycar it is then! Appreciate all the advice! Do u guys ever get complaints from neighbors re: volume being too loud? haha I can definitely anticipate the urge to pump the speakers up really loud
  15. 'monitor' stuff? When connecting speakers to the amp - the signal is analog right? big difference tho $4 and $55. The guy said "european made"cables increase the sound quality..spending so much already on speakers - its sort of makes sense! lol