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  1. Hi kcjones, I have uploaded the images here I recommend that you grab the Service Manual from Owen for the step by step instructions. The trickiest bit was the airflow mechanism to the lamp area on the left side in the photos. You have to remove the fan at the bottom and then take the circuit board off to expose another airflow pipe that also must be removed to get access to the screw holding it in place. The main electronics part on the right comes out as unit, after unplugging all the connector cables that lead to other parts of the TV. The optical block itself is held in place by two screws on the front of the TV, which I circled in red in the last couple of images. I also removed the airflow mechanism from the optical block before shipping to John, my photos of the optical block still have that attached but it comes off easily with four small screws. Good luck with the repair!
  2. Hi all, wanted to post an update to my situation in case anyone else is wanting to get their SXRD repaired. Initially I had tried going through a Sony Service Center (European Electronics) and after getting the run around from them and Sony for several months I started looking for other options... I contacted Tri-State module and John Breton as listed on this page in the hope that they could supply the needed parts... Tri-State module said no but John Breton was very helpful. He could supply the parts but also said that he had also done complete repair jobs on Australian model optical blocks before, he just had to charge a bit more for the return shipping. I was impressed with his knowledge and searching the web I could only find positive feedback about his service. It worked out costing a little over $500 including shipping to have John Breton repair my optical block, and so I bit the bullet and got John to repair my optical block. You need to be patient as John's services are in demand. It took nearly four months to get my optical block back but it was worth the wait! I put the TV back together and the picture is back to perfect again, with blue functioning properly. In fact the convergence is now better than it was out of the factory and I no longer need the convergence adjustments I made in the service menu. According to John he replaced the blue SXRD module and the blue light tunnel, which he does for all repairs. He also replaces anything else if necessary. So for anyone else wanting to get their SXRD repaired I can vouch for and highly recommend John Breton. (One tip regarding shipping costs... John's fee includes return shipping costs but you need ship the block to him first. I found that were the cheapest, around half the cost of using DHL directly even though that is who ship2anywhere use!) In order to get the optical block out you have to first remove every other component and things need to be done in a particular order. The online guides are for different models to ours so I had to figure a few things out for myself. I took lots of pictures and am happy to assist anyone else who wants to undertake this task. Glad to hear that Pixels was able to get a good result by tweaking the gain/bias settings in the service menu. That sounds like a good workaround for the problem.
  3. Hi all, my 70" SXRD has developed the dreaded "green blob" and I am trying to determine what to do about it. I would really like to have the service manual to refer to when the tech from European Electronics comes out to asses the TV but the link that Owen posted previously is dead... Owen (or any other kind soul), would you mind putting up a fresh link for the service manual pretty please? Does anyone know where to get replacement Blue Polarizers from? I asked the US mob at TriStateModule (who rebuild the US optical blocks) if the blue polarizer they sell on their website is compatible with the SXRD models but they said that it is not... I don't have extended warranty so will have to see if Sony come to the party on repair costs... I hate that my beloved TV is ruined by what is probably a $50 piece of glass and plastic... Thanks, Phil
  4. I believe there are only a couple of 70 inch display units in a couple of Clive Peters stores in Melbourne. Clive Peters Braybrook and Thomastown still had a 70 inch display unit available last weekend but good luck getting a decent price from them. I got the display unit from the Dandenong store for $5330 which was as low as I could get them to go (with spare globe but no STB). Too much money I think but at the end of the day I did not want to miss out on these fantastic sets. Good luck, Phil