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  1. There are two NZ forums that could be of help to you. and As for your exact issue, as I dont live in Auckland I cannot comment on the issues in your area, but from what I have seen you have started working through a reasonable approach of experimentation. However I should point out that reception issues in your area seems to be a common issue, so an installer with experience and a meter would probably be the go. Cheers Cyril
  2. Hi Dave, Optus D1 has a NZ spot beam that pretty much limits any usable reception in Aus, I understand that a 3-4m dish could potentially get something but have not seen anyone that has actually done it. Cheers Cyril
  3. Hi Pam, Rain Fade is a fact of life with Ku band Satellite reception (as used by Sky and FreeView) however its not normal (since the upgrade to the new satellite a couple of years ago) that you should experience outages of more than 10-15minutes in total per year and this would only occur during very heavy rain, probably so heavy that you could not hear the TV due to the noise on the roof. I have had Sky and FTA satellite receivers for 10yrs or more and can probably count on a single hand the number of times I have had rain fade that effected reception more than 1-2minutes. If you are experiencing fading in just modest rain then get Sky back to check your dish alignment, as if this is not optimum then a fade that disrupts reception will occur more often. I cannot find a much info on your TV, but there should be an AV button as mentioned above on the remote that will give you access to Sky via the AV input rather than the tuner. Cheers Cyril
  4. Hi Pam, the AV inputs are those that dont use a tuner, ie you dont tune to a RF channel. There are normally selected by pressing the AV button, sometimes this is indicated on the remote (and purhaps front panel of TV) via a square box with an arrow pointing into the box. Pressing this will change away from the tuner to AV1, pressing it again should move to the next AV input, and eventually a further press will return you to the tuner where you can press channel numbers to view offair channels via the tuner. What make/model of TV do you have? Cyril
  5. Hi, glad you got it sorted, you should use the AV cable method rather than via the tuner (ie on channel5 or whatever), the quality is significantly better. Personally I would not bother watching off air analog just watch everything via sky, especially if you have a widescreen TV as all the network channels (TV1,2,3,C4,Prime) are in fulltime widescreen as are most other channels in particular all the movie, and sports channels, whereas the analog offair transmissions are 4:3centre cuts of the 16:9 source. Also if you do have a widescreen TV ensure the Sky box is set correctly to 16:9, this is in the TV settings menu under advanced settings, many installers just leave it incorrectly in 4:3centre cut. If you have an older 4:3 TV but wish to enjoy all the channels in widescreen select 4:3LetterBox. There is more local (NZ) support on GeekZone which is a NZ technology forum, there is a Sky subforum plus lots on technology from a ......Geek perspective. Cheers Cyril
  6. Hi, McBits, PM me and I will talk to you via phone, will be quick to interact than via this Cheers Cyril
  7. Hi, the NZ Sky system is very much the same as Foxtel, even uses the same boxs as the IQ and IQ2 and the standard boxs are pretty much the same as the standard Fox ones. Maybe a little more info would help, as we all know a blue screen can mean lots of things including has he selected the right AV input. PM me if you want me to provide more assistance. Cyril
  8. But corrrect me if I am wrong but sporadic E propagation for very large distances rarely extends beyond 250-300MHz, so the chances of our BandIV/V transmitters piping that far in such conditions would be very rare compared to the regular VHF occurances. Cyril
  9. Sorry to post late in this thread (GregA posted that on the 3rd). The NZ FreeView system uses two transmission platforms, Sat and Terrestrial. The Sat service is mpeg2 with mheg5 EPG (ie xml based) although EIT EPG is also sent for those with non certifed boxs (which dont have mheg renderers), this satellite service covers the entire nation including the Chatam Islands, all 15 odd channels are 16:9 with mpeg audio. The DTT Terrestial service using 3muxs from 18sites is mpeg4 based with broadcasters allowed to use HD if they want, only 3channels are one 1080i the others 720p, all other channels are SD (also using mpeg4). It also uses mheg5 EPG, there are around 15boxs on the market now, 4 or 5 are certfied as are all the 4-5 manufactures of iDTVs (Sony Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic). The DTT service is only from 18 sites that covers 75% of the population. Boxs start at just under $300, most not much more than that, the first PVR has been introduced at $1100, bit steep for me at this point. The key to the NZ FreeView system is that all transmission facilities (Sat and DTT) are provided by FreeView via Kordia with broadcasters renting capacity, this makes it much easier for smaller broadcasters to enter the business, along with that capacity FreeView provide EPG and other common SI related services. Cyril
  10. Doh, you know what I meant Should read Foxtel/Austar transmissions are not readily seen in NZ. Cyril
  11. Hi, SkyNZ and FreeViewNZ both use Optus D1 at 160E, all these transmissions are on NZ only spot beams so can not readily be seen in Aus. Foxtel and Austar use Optus C1 at 156E, again due to the antenna configurations on C1 Foxtel/Austar transmissions cannot be readily seen in Aus. Cyril
  12. Hi, a point to note is that the 60 and 75% thresholds is made up of both Sky(PayTV) and FreeView, as Sky already approaches 50% home penetration the figure is not too far off. Cyril
  13. Yes I hope so, I think both Pana and Royal Dutch Philips have been reported to say they have been caugth with their pants down on this one, so expect to catch up soon. iDTVs with HDmpeg4AVC/HE-AAC is a spec most suppliers have had to rollout fresh, with only us and Norway using that level of box, but with more countries about to start mpeg4HD the number of iDTVs should grow pretty quick. Cyril
  14. Pretty much yes they will work, but be warned you need good horse power to decode MPEG4 AVC, its not like MPEG4 off internet files, also there is the issue of AAC+ HE decoders, this has caused a few issues for HTPC owners. That said pretty much any USB DVB-T tuner will work, between the USB tuner and the PC only transport streams are shifted, so no problems there, the issues come about when you try to decode AVC (Layer10) MPEG4, make sure you have onboard decoding and plenty of mips to spare. Many have found a STB is far easier, its in a different class to mpeg2. Cyril
  15. Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back the site seems to have been down, this is the link from SonyNZ with prices. Cheers Cyril