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  1. From your photo, it looks like you've got some Paradigm monitor series speakers? Paradigm make a specific stand for their centers, the J-18C. Not cheap though, retail for those are like $250+ .... P.S. As well as rubber door stoppers, a sturdy laptop stand is another cheap way to angle them up :-)
  2. Lol, I used to use some rubber door stops on my previous center speaker!
  3. Yes, they do. Have a look at, it's shows a better picture of the rear ...
  4. That's interesting ... I could only see the lenticular version out for sale at the JB Lonsdale St store where I got mine for $25. Didn't know there was a regular version as well ...
  5. Although the official release date is Wed 8 Dec, it's already out at JB's, at least at the Lonsdale St store in Melb. Got them to price match Target, $24.98. Very happy. Stickered price is $34.98, so even with the 20% off Friends and Family tomorrow night, it's still not as cheap as Target.
  6. For Sale the following Blu Ray's: Band of Brothers (in a metal tin) $35 The Pacific $45 PENDING True Blood season 1 $25 True Blood season 2 $25 PENDING All watched once. All inclusive of Express Post anywhere in Australia. All region B or region-free. Payment via bank deposit please.
  7. Blu ray Shrek Forever ... if you don't want to pay $26-$28 for this new release, it can be had for $17.50 + $2.50 postage, see ebay item 300498621254. Quoted from the listing: "This Blu-Ray originally came in a Double Play Pack. Disc 1 - Blu-Ray feature film Disc 2 - DVD feature film However, we only needed the DVD in the pack as we are a DVD rental store and only required the disc 2 DVD feature film. You'll be receiving only disc 1 Blu-Ray. You will not be receiving disc 2 dvd feature film All brand new in the original packaging." Seems perfectly legit, 580+ 100% feedback.
  8. Too late if you didn't order it at that rock bottom price, it's gone back up to £24.99 now, the special only lasted a couple of days!
  9. Amazon UK Harry Potter Collection years 1-6 Blu Ray - reduced to 16.99 pounds!!!! Outstanding value, I bought it a few weeks ago when it was around 28 pounds, which was still a bargain price.
  10. As long as your shipping address is Australia, then VAT is taken off at the last checkout screen before you hit 'pay'. You will be able to see the reduced prices (ex VAT) before you commit to the purchase.
  11. If it's a definite yes to being modded, then I'm a definite yes to the GB!
  12. Would be interested too if it can be modded ... :-)
  13. Where are you located? Bit hard to pick-up if we don't know where it's located ... And whats the loading capacity of the shelves? Will it support an amp that weighs 40kg? Dimensions?
  14. Hi Brake ... your inbox is full so I'll post here ... I'll take Fargo and Triangle if still avail ...
  15. Agree. If all new releases were $25, I'd buy locally all the time. When they get up near $30, I then look overseas. $25 is my max 'comfortable' to pay price.