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  1. Never see you much now mate but Happy Birthday anyway...........

  2. Happy Birthday mate

  3. Just a quick note for any Torchwood fans. Amazon UK have the box set of series 1-3 for less than $90 (£48.37) shipped. Link
  4. Just remember guys that whilst we are crowing about the reduced cost of imports there are a lot of people who will be hurt by this, the travel industry being the one that stands out. Not only will they have reduced overseas interest but also a lot more people considering going overseas for their next holiday. On the upside for us is that it might become cheaper to holiday here at home due to lack of demand.
  5. Oi!!!

    what you looking at!!!


  6. Yep, I am sure the little old ladies are all hanging out for this movie to air. Right up their alley!
  7. Yeah but the 3D version will be crap. I have a couple of the Disney 3D disks for my kids, Hannah Montanah and something else but I found the 3D versions unwatchable. Those red/purple glasses are really bad.
  8. Was in JB yesterday and can not believe that the Blu set is $380 whilst the DVD Set is $149...unbelievable. I am sorry but if you pay $380 for this local set then you are a fool. Not hard to see why people are importing.
  9. They definately do have photo's now.
  10. How much do you want to bet that the Theatrical Cuts and the Extended Editions will feature different extras? If the seond release is not that far apart from the first release then it would have been better if they had just held off and released one set with seamless branching. Better for the consumer at least, maybe not for the studio.
  11. Has anyone got a code for this yet?? I used to get the emails but none this year. EDIT: It's ok, tried SUPERSALE and it worked.
  12. Hi Gang, Just wondering where people have purchase replacement lamps for BENQ projectors in the past. My current lamp is about to hit 2000 hours (got 3000 hours out of the last one) and I was thinking I should look at having one ready to go. Cheers, Darren.
  13. Or the wife!! Might save you a lot of pain in future years