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  1. Just a quick note for any Torchwood fans. Amazon UK have the box set of series 1-3 for less than $90 (£48.37) shipped. Link
  2. I have a US copy of The Love Guru for trade. It is all region and has been watched once only. PM me with offers.
  3. I have a US copy of The Love Guru for trade. 2 disc set featuring a digital copy, watched once, region free. PM me with offers. Darren.
  4. As far as I am concerned, if you are stupid enough to pay $50 for a disc there and it can be had for $35 elsewhere, more fool you! People always have the choice, they charge what they do because obviously some people pay it. It will catch up with them eventually as it has for HMV, Virgin etc.
  5. Still have a Sealed UK (region all) release of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story up for trade or sale. $20 posted, pm me if interested. Darren.
  6. For Sale or Trade: Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (sealed) $20 posted The Pursuit Of Happyness (sealed) $20 posted Both UK versions but not region locked. Specifically looking for: Gattaca, Eyes Wide Shut, Pearl Harbor, oh hell, just PM me with any offers. Darren.
  7. I have a few Blu's up for trade or sale: Across The Universe (watched once, mint condition) $20 posted - PENDING Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (sealed) $25 posted The Pursuit Of Happyness (sealed) $25 posted All are UK releases but not region locked. Darren
  8. Hi Gang, I have the following (UK releases but region free) up for trade: Across The Universe (watched once) Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (sealed) The Pursuit of Happyness PM me with offers. Specifically after Gattaca or Seven Years In Tibet but willing to consider other titles.
  9. I have a UK copy of Superbad (2 Disc set, watched once, region all). $25 posted. Also willing to trade, specifically after 28 Weeks Later or Sunshine. Open to other offers though. PM me if interested.
  10. Hi, I still have A Clockwork Orange (US, region free) for trade. Looking for Sunshine, 28 Weeks Later, Starship Troopers, AVP or AVP:R. Feel free to suggest other titles, discs must be region A or free. PM me if interested please. Darren.
  11. Hi Gang, I have a US (region all) copy of A Clockwork Orange (watched once) up for trade. Looking for 28 Weeks Later, Sunshine in particular. PM me with any other offers, looking for region A/All releases. Cheers, Darren.