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  1. yeah htd i had to go thru google to get here , my shortcut in favourites menu didnt work ?
  2. wow thanks guys , theres a lot of work setting up this stuff isnt there, heh heh , ok im gunna give it a shot might try changing the cables too if i dont fall through the roof , thanks very much again, great site this
  3. i should of put more detail in about my current aerial , it is a smallish digital aerial that i put on the same post that the old analogue aerial was on , it is about 20 meters from the plasma tv that i have it connecte3d to , i didnt change any of the cabling as i havent got a clue there , there is a wall plug in that i assume is running to the new aerial, it does get reasonably good pictures in most cases on channels 7,9,10 but thats it i just use optus for the other channels , the other tv and pc is actually closer to the new aerial , in fact they are underneath it , i dont think i have the nous to put a splitter (is that what they are called) in and install another wall plug , even if the pc and the old tv in the kids room just picks up a good analogue signal ill be happy , will the powered aerial fix that ? the bunny ears that are on it atm make a really snowy pic but sometimes you can snag a good picture for a few hours , , there is a window facing east/mt cootha in would it be ok to situate the jaycar aerial there or even one of the cheaper powered dse aerials , ?
  4. hello i was wondering if anybody could help me with suggestions on getting reception for my leadtek dtv 1000t tv card ,and the tv in the same room , i live at redbank plains and reception in the house is a bit flaky , i was hoping to not buy another outdoor antenna , if i wanted to connect up both the tv and the computer card to it would this antenna work ? jaycar aerial btw i couldnt understand the reception graph down below , any clues in laymans terms please , thanks in advance for any help