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  1. i reckon its false advertising. What i dont understand is what do they define AFL if it's not sport (considering they dont sho it on one).
  2. Doesn't make him any funnier though.
  3. well thanks guys for the advice, bit the bullet and bought the demo - he would not budge from $4200 including 5yr warranty. If anyone is after a 60" demo, theres one at DSE in Maribyrnong, but the clowns wouldnt budge from $4300. Saying they had already reduced it from $4900 (even though its a demo)
  4. i don't know if im prepared to go through the whole research procedure again. Spending the 2 precious hours i have on sunday arvo while the kids sleep at the stores comparing broadcast quality and reading the forums during the night to come to a conclusion is quite a long and draining process. I was quite happy with the way handles both low and high def, so still contemplating!
  5. Hey all, hope i'm in the right thread for this. i'm after some advice on purchasing a demo 60" SXRD. Have been reading this enthusiastic thread for months now. With all your great advice and recommendations, i have finally got the finances to purchase a SXRD but unfortunately, (as we all know) I can't find a new one. What do you guys think of purchasing a demo (been on display for 3 months) and with a price of 4K. Yes i know you COULD buy it new at this price but now its impossible. Is it better to wait and see what sony decide? Otherwise, i be looking at a x series 46" or samsung which i'm not to crash hot about. Thanks in advance p800