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  1. Hey Muri, Not sure exactly where you are, but JVC have told me that these guys can do the firmware updates. Located in Ringwood if that helps. I've waited all year , but with a UDP-203 sitting under the Xmas tree I've ordered one of these to do this and any future firmware updates on my X7000. $A42 delivered.
  2. Unfortunately, I don't agree with you here. Yes, I go on to Amazon and see 4kUHD discs for $US24.99, and think "great". But by the time the exchange rate and postage are factored in, that translates to $A50 per disc !!!!! and I refuse to pay that much. So I feel we need stores like JB to get on board with the medium. Otherwise it will die a death before it even gets going. The fact that they've all sold out of the first shipment of Sammy UHD players is possibly a wake up them to say that some people DO know about the format ( even if their staff don't).
  3. Yes, had confirmed with sales staff when the BOGOF was on that the 4k UHD were included. Unfortunately, I already own everything they had available in 4k on BR, and am not going to " double dip" without even having a UHD player. Certainly some variability in pricing. "The Lego Movie" <$20, "Fury Road" $25.( Bargain)
  4. Saw "The Revenant" and "Deadpool" in JB this afternoon. Released a week early, day & date with the Blu Ray ( originally supposed to be 25/05/16). Unfortunately, they were $44.95, and the " Buy one, get one free" promotion finished last weekend. I, too, refuse to pay more than $30, so I'll just have to be patient . Am going to try and resist buying anything "Reference" on Blu Ray, and only buy the 4k UHD twin pack until Oppo release their UHD player ( 2017?)
  5. Bandyka, Great to see you're still around. Haven't heard much from you lately. Sooooooooo, the $64k question.....did you ever buy anything? In particular, you were waxing and waning about the virtues of the Sony's and questioning whether any of us would put our money where our mouth was wrt the Xx000 model JVC's. You were heading off to Len Wallis I believe to do a head to head. What happened, or are you still sitting on the fence because you heard someone was releasing a new 4k laser,HDR with 1ms lag in 2019? BTW, my X7000 has 150hrs on it and...........
  6. LOL. Contemplated ordering that from the US, but considering all the trouble the punters are having with the Samsung player, I think I will continue to just enjoy 1080p until Oppo release something that works . Mate, since you had the first X7000, it's only fitting that you're the first to actually own a 4k UHD Blu ray disc too. So is there a Samsung on the way?
  7. You said it much better than I could mate. ( !! x 10^9 )
  8. Probably the biggest question is: What sort of room will it be used in? I know Al loves his X7000 in a "multi-purpose" room, but a "bat cave" dedicated room with no ambient light and minimal reflections will show the contrast advantages of the JVC. If it's a living room with light coloured walls and some ambient light, you want the brightest light cannon you can get for the cheapest price,recognising you'll be losing some of the blacks. If it were me, I'd still buy the JVC but I don't know what the current street price is. ( I love my X7000). Good luck.
  9. The first 24 hrs looks to have been a nightmare for those people trying to sync the new JVC X5000/X7000/X9000 projectors to the UBD-K8500. Other than Zombie, it doesn't sound like many people have had any success at all. People using the player with a 4k TV don't seem to be having an issue, so it will most likely turn out the be an HDMI issue with the JVC's. A very similar experience to my first 3 days with my X7000. Being a close 2nd ( or 3rd,maybe) person after Al to actually have one in the wild, nobody, not even the JVC tech in Sydney could help me get "any" signal. Turned out to being just making about 4 setting adjustments that I'd never heard of before. Unfortunately for JVC, they released a projector that was ahead of it's time. But they didn't have a chance to test it with a 4k UHD player, 'cause there weren't any. Now that there out in the field too, hopefully JVC can tweak a few things. This time I'm really happy that the rest of the world gets to iron out the kinks before we get a player in Oz, and if we're lucky it will be just "plug and play" by April/May.
  10. Just put "Sicario" and " The Martian" 4k UHD Blu Rays into my Amazon US cart as they've dropped to $US29.99. Unfortunately, I didn't hit "BUY" because that still worked out as $A102 landed. Without a player being currently available in Oz, I refuse to step back to the early days of BluRay/HDDVD and pay >$40 per disc. C'mon Oz distributors,please step up to the plate, or this format will die before it even gets off the ground in this country.
  11. Here's Zombie's take on the JVC vs Sony debate. For a man that has 5 PJ's in a rack, I think it speaks volumes: " I've had many different projectors here in search of the PQ that suites my preferences. with everything else being relatively equal (good color, gamma, sharpness) high native contrast is at the top of my priority list. This became especially evident as I blacked out my room and the projectors with lesser native looked flat in low APL scenes. There is rarely a time where even a good DI will be as convincing in low APL scenes vs. locking in the JVC @ -11. (Examples i'm referring to - DC4 Planar, Sony VW600, VW1100, HW65, etc) This is the primary reason I sold my Sony VW1100. native 4K resolution just wasn't enough of a selling point when I get taken out of the movie because i'm staring at a grey background in low APL scenes that should by all accounts be black. or something close to it. There is only so much that DI can do. If JVC and Epson release native 4K units with their current or better native, Sony is going to have to finally catch up here. DV talks about contrast at diminishing returns. I agree to a point, but it's not there for me on the Sony 4K units. it's below that threshold. maybe 20K:1 is the number but when comparing my RS600 vs. RS46 (brightness matched), the black floor on the RS600 looks several clicks darker and I appreciate every one of those 'clicks'. The next time I spend north of 5 figures on a projector, it simply has to have great native contrast as a baseline feature."
  12. Learnt something new today. Some may be aware of this already. To find out what the DI of a film is, go to the Cinematic process section of the "Technical specs" section on IMDB, eg So for Sicario and The Martian it shows a 4k DI. Hopefully this means no 2k upscaling when it comes to the 4k UHDBR release.
  13. Thanks to the Mods for pinning this thread. Hopefully it will become very active from 01/03/2016 ( at least that's the release date in the US for 4k UHDBR) Yeah,I know Pulp Fiction polarizes opinion, but it's in my Top Ten of all time as well. Would love to see it in UHDBR. ( Oh, and even without seeing it in 70mm at the cinema, I reckin "Hateful Eight" would be pretty spectacular as well)
  14. So has anyone been able to find out if/when UHD Blu Ray discs will be available in Australia, and if so,how much? I currently have The Martian and Chappie ( good for a laugh ) in my Amazon US pre-order Cart, but the exchange rate is a killer. My local JB has never even heard of UHDBR.