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  1. So who are the distributors of these discs? I tried calling 20 Century Fox on Friday because the JB sales person told me they were the distributor for "La la Land". It rang out 3 times. Like Al, I'm not happy about this and may end up doing something I don't want to do. Spending $40 to import. Personally, the difference between BR and 4kUHD is substantial enough to warrant purchasing the 4k whenever possible, so for movies I envisage watching multiple times ( Hacksaw Ridge, La la Land) I will not "make do" with Bluray. How do we put pressure on the distributors to at least give the format a chance?
  2. Cevolution, you seem to have some connections with local distributors. How can we find out who releases what in Australia, and subsequently whether a movie IS going to get a local release on UHD? As Al and I mentioned previously, it's very frustrating when the local distributor appears disinterested in supporting this new format. ( eg La La Land is due for release on DVD/ BR today, but 4kUHD........nothing.)
  3. Just on "Fantastic Beasts....." $28 till 24/04/17. After missing out on the 20% off ALL BR/UHD last week, I've holstered the CC till it comes around again. Got to say I agree with Al. Very concerned about the number of new release 4kUHD's not appearing on local lists. Sicario, Hacksaw Ridge, Girl on a Train, Miss Peregrines..., La La Land ( ??). C'mon local distributors. Give the format a chance.
  4. Why didn't you buy some discs while you were there? ( in joke) Good pick up by the way. I love my Oppo 203, but I'd have to seriously question whether it is worth 5 times the price of the Sammy.
  5. I can see your frustration now. Didn't realise it was an "Online only" sale for Good Friday. Looks like I missed the boat on that one.
  6. 20% sale is how I buy my 4kUHD discs. I find $28 much more palatable. Fantastic Beasts & where to find Them, Passenger's, might even get Assassin's Creed @ $23. I've decided with this format that I'm not going to double dip on anything I already have on Blu-ray except for the absolute reference stuff ( at this stage thats Lucy and thats it).
  7. To be honest, I've had the 203 since December ( now configured as "203 -->HDFury Linker --> Marantz 6010 --> JVC X7000 ") and I can say that with 4k/HDR/BT2020 I've had zero issues for the last 2 months. I updated to firmware -0329 last weekend just to be up to date. But I've had no stutter/audio drop outs/ freezes for a long time. Ironically, over on AVS, when the Oppo was first released their thread went haywire with all the problems. Three firmware updates later, all people are now talking about is the impending release of an update to cater for Dolby Vision ( for which there is currently no content ). That thread has slowed down incredibly. With the JVC gamma D curve being superseded by Arve's custom curves I can say that for the last month or so I haven't frequented the forums ( AVS or DTV ) because I can seriously just sit back and enjoy 4k/UHD/HDR in my cinema room without any issues at all. Just wish there were more than a few good movies to watch in the format. Out of the potential 90 or so releases, I've "cherry picked" about 20 that I might actually want to watch more than once. "The Shallows" / "Great Gatsby" / "The Revenant" were spectacular eye candy. I just don't want to re-visit the HD-DVD days of spending $$$$$$$ for something like "Jack Reacher- Never Go Back" when the BluRay would have sufficed. ( Hate it when reviews say it's a major upgrade, but when you compare the two in your own room, you say "WTF?" ) Very happy with my Oppo 203. It works well as a dedicated 4k disc player. If I wanted streaming apps , 4k Roku/Chromecast inputs and the like, I might have problems. But that's what my TV is for.
  8. I'm also on a 130" Scope screen at 3.93m. Every month or so I squeeze the seat a couple of inches closer to the screen. LOL. If my room was wider, especially now that I have UHD/4k set up, I would go bigger. At no stage do I feel like I'm at a tennis match. You won't go cross-eyed , I promise you.
  9. it's up now on Interdyn:
  10. I haven't added much to this thread recently ( can't believe it's reached 50 pages), however, as one of the major reasons for buying an X7000 was to implement 4kUHD HDR when it finally arrived, I thought it worthwhile to let people know of the recent developments with regard to the creation of HDR gamma curves for these units. For anyone that has invested in a 4kUHD player, like me, they may have initially been underwhelmed with the implementation of HDR using JVC's Gamma D. For me it resulted in a very dark and oversaturated image. Well, the good news is that there have been some amazing developments over on AVS, whereby you can create your own Gamma curve ( or any number of Custom Gamma's) based on your individual nit output of your JVC at your throw distance, lamp mode and iris setting. It is a complete game changer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am no longer interested in SDRBT2020, when I can customise my own HDR gamma curves. Read along : It may seem a bit daunting initially, however, it really is quite simple. And very quick. Give it a shot. It is sooooo worth it.
  11. Hey Muri, Not sure exactly where you are, but JVC have told me that these guys can do the firmware updates. Located in Ringwood if that helps. I've waited all year , but with a UDP-203 sitting under the Xmas tree I've ordered one of these to do this and any future firmware updates on my X7000. $A42 delivered.
  12. Unfortunately, I don't agree with you here. Yes, I go on to Amazon and see 4kUHD discs for $US24.99, and think "great". But by the time the exchange rate and postage are factored in, that translates to $A50 per disc !!!!! and I refuse to pay that much. So I feel we need stores like JB to get on board with the medium. Otherwise it will die a death before it even gets going. The fact that they've all sold out of the first shipment of Sammy UHD players is possibly a wake up them to say that some people DO know about the format ( even if their staff don't).
  13. Yes, had confirmed with sales staff when the BOGOF was on that the 4k UHD were included. Unfortunately, I already own everything they had available in 4k on BR, and am not going to " double dip" without even having a UHD player. Certainly some variability in pricing. "The Lego Movie" <$20, "Fury Road" $25.( Bargain)
  14. Saw "The Revenant" and "Deadpool" in JB this afternoon. Released a week early, day & date with the Blu Ray ( originally supposed to be 25/05/16). Unfortunately, they were $44.95, and the " Buy one, get one free" promotion finished last weekend. I, too, refuse to pay more than $30, so I'll just have to be patient . Am going to try and resist buying anything "Reference" on Blu Ray, and only buy the 4k UHD twin pack until Oppo release their UHD player ( 2017?)
  15. Bandyka, Great to see you're still around. Haven't heard much from you lately. Sooooooooo, the $64k question.....did you ever buy anything? In particular, you were waxing and waning about the virtues of the Sony's and questioning whether any of us would put our money where our mouth was wrt the Xx000 model JVC's. You were heading off to Len Wallis I believe to do a head to head. What happened, or are you still sitting on the fence because you heard someone was releasing a new 4k laser,HDR with 1ms lag in 2019? BTW, my X7000 has 150hrs on it and...........