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  1. Hi POV , some pix would be great if you have any as I'm interested ?
  2. That was worth the wait looks brilliant and very practical. love the fridge setup , have to let everyone know if you have heat,noise issuse as im sure there are many very intrested in your ace setup Cheers Chippie
  3. Hi Franin, I have been to audio craft in myaree and they had a scope screen set up with a lens , edge scaler and hd 100 jvc projector . Scope is very impressive makes me want to rethink my 16.9 setup . They were helpful at the shop and gave a long demo of transformers. Cheers chippie
  4. My last theatre had rollershutters and they were great at lightcontrol but only average at noise control at high volume levels . The bass isnt reduced by much but the higher freqs were. I would reccomend them for all the same reasons that spearmint described and they are well worth the price. Cheers chippie
  5. Hi All, Any one with any advice ?
  6. HI All, Thanks for the replys TonyMontana and Kazz. The link helped as it was well written,honest and informative but didnt answer my question as the rotel amp was powering the 3 front speakers and they would sound the same . My center channel would still be powered by the 663 as the hk is a 2 channel avr . The rotel is a dedicated amp and my hk3480 is an AVR and i dont want to damage any thing by connecting it up incorectly . I have read the FAQ and HT bypass thread by Alebonau , Petetherocks review , 663 thread and they were very helpful. Am I on the right track or should I turn back ? Cheers Chippie
  7. Hi All, I have decided to upgrade my older yam avr with a newer 663 . The amp is fantastic at ht but isnt as good at music as my yam 5750 or hk 3480 , a lot less bass / mid bass . The hk 3480 is a 2 chan avr with pre outs and a main in , great sounding amp smooth with lots of power .The question is can i use the pre outs on the 663 to the main in on the hk ? How would the sound change in movies when audio moves left cen right , as the hk and yam avr sound very diffrent and the center sound might contrast to much. Reading up on the subject suggests its possible as in adjusting the sound levels with a meter , vol on hk at average listening level then turn the front 2 of 663 amp off in menu and then calibrate the 663 level with the hk connected ? What setting on the hk amp to enable the preout/main in and any other helpful suggestions would be appreciated Cheers Chippie
  8. Hi Tuyen , Im in perth and would like to buy it if it sounds good any chance of a demo? You can pm me and work out the details thanks.
  9. I will be able to make it after 6 30 pm . Looking forward to a beer or two and to putting faces and names together. good organizing Norpus/Lyle Cheers Chippie
  10. that is a fantastic price im keen to find out more on this thread or via pm thanks metroboy83
  11. Hi Tuyen , I have never heard magnepan speakers but have read many good reviews on them. I am curious as to what type of amp you run them off? What type of sub do you use with them and any more insite into the sound . How do they compare to your previous krix set up ? sorry for all the questions but i may be intrested if i can talk the CFO arround . cheers chippie
  12. Your full steam ahead Mark Have you decided on the treatments to the window because a roman blind might work as they can fit in the reveal or flush with the wall. My window gives me many headaches aswell. Its as small as the council/room size ratio would allow. Even with 6.8mm laminated glass the sound still gets out . Im in the same boat with curtains,window plugs,acoustic treatments etc Im even thinking about building a second window in front of the exsiting one to help control bass levels . I like the colours you have in mind they will work great . Looking forward to your blog.
  13. Great purchase Mark . I can look after the projector for you untill you reno is complete . What size scope screen are you going to use with your new projector/lens. Ive been keen on this projector for a while and would appreciate your feed back on Hivizone. Good luck with the renos to the HT room . cheers Chippie
  14. pm sent cheers chippie
  15. Hi mark, 2m flex led plastic blue rope light ,they have about 4 -5 diffrent colours . I have a spare plug end at the moment until i build a step and put the rest of the floor lighting in . I chose led as it lasts longer and has no heat .