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  1. Sounds to me like you got yourself the last of the HSV GTS-R or maybe even the W1. Which colour did you get. I love the orange colour. Anyway back to TV's. Cannot wait to hear what you end up with. When I retire I have thought a lot about a 130 inch Screen Technics retractable screen in front of a large, say 85 inch flat panel on the wall. i currently have a 65 inch panasonic VT20 wall mounted. When its time for a movie. Turn off the TV, lower the screen, turn on my 3 submersives, lower the whatever the PJ is out of the ceiling on a motorised mount and sit back and enjoy the show. That is the plan. Have to retire first.
  2. Blackman, All the best with your search. I will be keen to see what you end up with. I was keen on splurging on a 85 inch something but after my Panasonic Plasma from 2008 failed in 2015 I have become a bit more sceptical about the cost vs useful life. (My old Pana 63cm CRT went for 25 years.) I recently sent Sony an email about their 100 inch Z9 model and it took 2 more emails and two weeks wait for them to come back to me to say. No plans to have in Australia at this stage. This is with the fact that it is clearly shown and highlighted on the Australian webpage. Good luck with your health and your search. BTW would love to know your taste in cars. I have some nice motorcycles.
  3. I wrote to Sony about the 100 inch. It took over a week and another email to them to get them to respond but the short answer was they have no plans to market the 100 inch in Australia in 2017. I did not ask about the 75 but I guess they may have mentioned it. Pretty poor response from their info/post sales department. Hope you enjoy the 65.
  4. Thanks Doogie thanks for that I did not look too hard but did not pick that up. I wonder if they were next to each other whether I could see the difference.
  5. thanks for that I did not look too hard but did not pick that up. I wonder if they were next to each other whether I could see the difference.
  6. what about this Not sure what the difference with this from the Z9D models though
  7. Yes sorry mate. Did not mean to rain on the parade. I hope the petition works for people that want 3D. It would be nice if the suppliers gave us models with a choice. I suppose the let down for me was stuffing around with the pana glasses, batteries and the ease at which they broke. I even purchase extra sets when I got my VT20 65 Pana. The only movie that I ever thought had a great 3 d effect was Avatar.
  8. In my view (excuse the pun) about time. I have a 3d Pana 65 and never use it for 3d. About as useful as curved screens. Give me a bigger screen at a better price everyday of the week.
  9. All the best with your recovery mate. Looks like you are doing well back on the forum. Take some time to listen to some music and watch a few movies
  10. And I thought this would be the biggest LED at 100 inches. I just found a Samsung being sold in Saudi Arabia that is 110 inches. Wow. I wonder what it costs ?
  11. Hello Muriwai,

    Its not for me but a friend at work.  Do you still have the 4311 for sale ?  We are in Sydney.  He wants to upgrade from a very old Onkyo. 





  12. I would love to see them bring in the 100 inch model. I better start saving my pennies. I will save money on a screen and PJ and put that into the 100 inch investment. Lets see, my 65 inch Panasonic VT20 can go to the family room. My older 50 inch Panasonic plasma can go to the garage. And the new 100 inch can live with my 3 SubMersives.
  13. Where is the 8803 ??