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  1. Hi, yep, same here, in Melbourne, using an all in one dtv/dvd/amp unit (LG DAT-250) Unit locked up when the kids were watching ABC 2, and can't retune unit unless I do it manually as it locks tryng to tune ABC 1/2 Looks like the kids will just have to read a book instead. vince
  2. hi, a great thread with a tonne of great info and opinions. You're such a dedicated and enthusiastic bunch that I haven't even seen this unit in action yet and I'm now in the market for one to replace my 55" rearpro based on what you all have to say. I've had 2 quotes: first for $5370 for the 70" (inc. delivery) but with no mention of a free HD settop box included. Another place quoted of $5600 which apparently includes a HD settop box and spare globe in the box from Sony. Can any recent buyers confirm that a HD settop box DOES infact still get thrown in with the unit from Sony, or if the salesguy was off the mark with that. He didn't have any display stock either so i still haven't seen it myself. Ultimately, is $5370 a good deal - your thoughts? And with the news of new releases from Sony, here: is it worth maybe holding off temporarily? Thanks for all your help and valuable posts. vince