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  1. PC160 Sennheiser ($135) Headset straight out of a XFi Xtreme Music Sound Card (though most on boards are pretty good too) . Doesn't annoy anyone when gaming, good for music. Can use it for VOIP as well as it has a mic.
  2. Just to add to that, I watched the World go by for a whole week and never once felt fatigued, I felt quite refreshed in fact, and you canna geta bigger screen than that. Regards P.S Owen as far as I am concerned sees the two technologies pretty much the same as I do, except he can tech explain what I don't like about either technology. Call me fussy but both are not yet up to scratch.
  3. Are you talking to me in particular? If so what is making you sad maybe I can cheer you up
  4. I like niether both LCD and Plasma look awful, why? Because thats my opinion, some people can live with the way a Plasma does what is does putting a picture on the screen, I can't at any distance. LCD doesn't look right, I dunno why but I cannot capture depth from an LCD and the colours seem to be artifical. I bought a Repro, but only when I could live with the picture from them as well, but I find the colours a little more natural and everything on them seems to flow a little better to my eye. I don't like DLP, prefer LCD. Everyone talks about tests and other stuff with regards to calibration etc, well a decent setup not too much work; and for the most should just work, chasing the holy grail by viewing upside down, placing a box of fortune cookies at 45 degrees etc is akin to those kooks who remove one screw from an amp cabinet and say it unlocks the sound of the thing, the only thing it unlocks methinks is the gates of insanity. Just my two cents on that. Overall its my opinion, I would suggest that you just go out and buy the type your eye likes, our opinions are unlikely to change the way your eye views a product. If it does I would suggest Placebo effect but hey the thing that really matters is there isn't a hell of a lot of viewing you need to do to complete your visual survey, just model differences and the source, choose to audition on the source you are most likely to use and take your pick of display's in your budget. Get it home and enjoy it. I would change my preferences for product at the drop of a hat if I saw something that caught my eye, as yet both LCD and Plasma haven't done it for me. If either does it for you then buy away and again enjoy the thing.
  5. I have used Krix for around 14 years now and the original mains I have are still going strong, they made a set of grills for me after my wife took to the old ones with some sort of cleaning product (she is a cleanerholic) even thought they didn't know which pattern centrix I had they just sent both types no extra cost. They have rebuilt a set of drivers for me out of spare parts even though EV in the USA no longer make the driver, turn aorund was great their communication always first class and they are willing to have a chat on the phone about all things Hi-Fi. There is a reason why I have never gone out an got another set of mains, I have found nothing in the price range that offer a discernable difference in performance. The mains I have handle oodles of power without complaint they drive low I find the Australian character to be a mix of British and USA sound which to me is perfect. I would have to spend big dollars to find something a leap foward enough to purchase again, in fact I have been waiting for Krix themselves to market something. Yet I wait. I may give Equinox a listen, but then again I need an amp to handle their difficult nominal loads.
  6. Glad to hear some resolution on the matter, hope you get the rest of your money, to Disco and the rest of the long term members here. If as most say he has been a valued contributer then let this slip up pass as Gino put it, all people at some stage my be in a little difficulty here and there. Lesson should be learnt by Disco and all should be able to move on. I see no reason if a full resolution is found that Disco could not still be a valued contributer, he has to live with his poor decision not anyone else and it would take a man to come back here and aplogise to one Gino and then those people he has developed a online relationship with over time. His call and while some may choose not take the apology it should not I beleive lead into some sort of hate fest. While my current log in is new I have been around here a few years, I don't post much never have, don't have the fun coupons to continually upgrade therefore I don't have much new to talk about, but what I have observed is that this in its new and old format is one of the truly helpful local forums for all things Hi-Fi and more importantly AV. The community here is generally very mature and tolerant. Hopefully the forum might extend the benifit of doubt to a once considered good guy and give him another go. Gino has been very considerate during this whole deal he could of and with fair right to do so come on here frothing at the mouth, he didn't and fair play to him. It sets the tone I think to a full resolution of the issue. We all make mistakes, failing your friends wether they be online or not is one of the most damaging you can ever make, but real friends forgive and forget. Now its up to Disco to swallow the pride pill and do what is right, the ball is in his court. I don't know how everyone else feels but in this case it may warrant a mature approach to the matter, just like Gino has displayed. Regards All.
  7. A lot longer than the urge to move to a newer model unfortunately for some.
  8. I would say analogue is the sweetest, if thats a suitable musical term in the realm of making as many terms up as you can world of Hi-Fi, a Cary was involved I am sure and some hybrid CD player, with Vinyl there as well (much better). Too much work for me to maintain maybe when the kids have left and I want to tinker again my father in law has over 5,000 LP's to go through many with just a single spin when its time to pass them onto me . I will however delve into vintage equipment and some LS3's will be on the collectors list I can assure you. Newer formats are closing the gap, but its a long way off I think.
  9. Hey Sejanus do you frequent Autosport by any chance?
  10. Owen thanks for that, puts some relevance into the hype, you know some years ago I would scrounged for hours on end to find all this my self but I guess I am just getting lazy with it all and the changes are thick and fast other competing priorities take a lead. As to your Maggies I heard them once in 1994 if I recall as the Aust Hi-Fi show at the Carlton Radisson Melb, I am pretty sure they were maggies, the price then was prohibitive but I see they are much more accessable, I must say I loved the sound of them although the source was analogue at the time I believe. I looked them up briefly what model are yours?
  11. I was considering the Equinox Meridian, not the Brand. I will stick local if I can, I prefer the local sound a mix of Yank and Pom if you know what I mean. I have been a AV buff for some 20 years I suppose, I had a Yamaha DSP1, followed by DSP E300, DSP-A 1000 and then various other brands. So I am really aquainted I think with the upgrade bug thing, got over it actually there for a while, kids were the main reason I think. But I have had my mains for 14 years now and still see no reason to change them, they are Krix Esoterix 2 (as far as I know there are no pictures of them on the net) they were the precusor to the Krix Esoterix 1 Mk2's available still today but a different design again. They are a two-way desgin in 95l rear ported cabinet, 2 X 8in doped paper drivers with a cloth dome tweeter, a closer sound to the Impax but much bigger. Sort of sounded like a set of Energy Veratis 2.8's and something like the old Pro-Ac's. Simular to some of the old Osborne models (Osborne was weaker in the bottom end but more musical at that age I wanted strong lows hell I still do). I have had Music Labs pre/Dac running through a Carver M4.0T (375wRMS into 8Ohms per channel) in the past now I simpy run them off the power amp from the AVR pre-out. I have still have the pre/dac but I move so often I have simply dropped them off my list of things to setup and the DAC is 44Khz max. So naturally I am looking at the Epicentrix first. I like your solution BTW and the reason I am tied to the idea of the made for purpose stand is that it locks the TV down and I dread my children pulling it down onto themselves or the thing simply just falling forawrds through the wife accidently shouldering it off in one of her vaccuming frenzies (compromising to see it my way ceased years ago, I just comply and grit my teeth now). AVR is an old Marantz which while fine is dropping main channels and its not the Amp section, probably dry solder somewhere as it heats up (some buzzing going on as well). So I thought well it might be time for a major overhaul, I want to keep the mains they have served me well and I never tire of them, only uber expensive monitors to my ear make a improvement I would want, but they are out of fun coupon range so I find it easy to resist. I would consider some Equinox Jupiters but that means probably a major shift in amps to cope with the nominal resistance of those things. I also have a Velodyne SPL12 for LFE and its more than adequate for my music and theatre needs more the later than the former as the mains go low enough without substantial roll off in the right areas. I think the weakness in my system is the center its a centrix, half the issue is the stand/TV, the centre is too low and detail is lost, I can't slope it. I think Surround tracks today demand more from the centre than they ever have so moving to a more substantial centre with the right positioning is one of my goals. I think this time around I will work to a budget of 15K, which puts mains out of the picture. But its early days and I am seeking peer opinion first before I trounce around the country again. Thats all I used to do, my old hunting ground were Tivoli, Carlton, Bob Jenkins, or whatever Hi-Fi joint I could find in the Yellow Pages depending were I ending up after letting the wife loose in Westfields. Suited us both to a tee, then along came the Chimps. Sorry for the long winded nature of the post its I thought I would clarify as clearly there are a couple of SME's here that might offer a one stop shop so too speak in thoughts. Oh I am currently in Canberra and would probably look to Sydney to audition and purchase as I have heard here is hexy and limited, not that I have looked much yet, **** I have only been to a shopping centre once in 6 months, work is flat out. Thanks in advance. Oh I got where Owen was coming from and I have read many posts from both of you before, sorry for not being clearer on the matter.
  12. Actually thats the reason I aksed, I haven't been on the forum for a while and hadn't really chased the 1080p tech release, along with the Hi Def gear to drive the resolution. I sort of just told myself let some clarity come to the issue first then decide on what to get. With HDMI 1.3 about to flow out to the public I am now interested this deep color thing intrigues me. I sort of guessed that your answer would be not much difference, but I had to ask without clouding the issue with bias, as the marketers have certainly done. My Wega is certainly as you describe, I am really happy with it, its just I need to decide how HDCP will effect me in the future only having a component option in. Also to gather wether the hype of 1080p and the subsequent source material was what it is cracked up to be. I get sort of a luke warm feeling from the whole, but I think its more to do with artistic and technical standards in cinema rather than technology limitations. Some directors simply want the theatre look for artistic purposes so the software release is lost on the technology, then again certain releases would be exposed by a high resolution large display with the appropiate source material. An example would be LOTR's its clear even on the DVD release on my screen some of the special effects are exposed for what they are by the size of the screen itself. Now directors cannot rely on resolution/size restricitons to hide without editing some of the tricks of the trade. A lot more attention to detail in the digital editing room will need to be made to ensure the effect gets across without a castle looking like a styrofoam model for rental/home purchase release. In the theatres they simply get away with it by the sheer size and nature of viewing. Thanks for your frank thoughts. I have a few things to upgrade some through necessity and that of course has flow on effects on the whole system. Some of your advice has helped me decide what to look at first, in my case an AVR/Centre speaker change first, better source equipment, although I am think the Oppo DVD player will do me as I have only component in on the set, so HDMI to AVR ---> component out to set for the time being. I have an old pio 686, I am not sold on the spend a **** tin on DVD/CD player source any more, unless of course money was not a limiting factor, it is and with kids the not so set and forget items I would rather keep cheap and disposable for Kiddie finger purposes. I may go a PS3 but I am over the console gaming thing, and I prefer my kids to do it in their own rooms. A Xbox and PS2 is all they need with picking up the older platinum games every now and again, they are at the age where they don't have to have the latest, just as long as it is entertaining and with lots of replay value. So what I will do is get some better equipment where I really want it for my DVD music requirements, I have been really hooked on this lately and find it as enjoyable of 2ch listening of old and am convinced if done right with a good room setup could be superior to 2 channel in the long run if the recording is specifically meant to be listened to that way especially as bitrates get nearer to pure source and options open up for the recording studio. Not to waffle on too much but thanks again.
  13. Its a great DVD, makes more the pity Pulse was such a let down. The sound engineering on this DVD is quite good for a concert and one of the better recordings I have had the pleasure of listening/watching.
  14. I understand how my set works thankyou. The question was in relation to source material rather than what my set currently does. Anyway regardless you have sort of answered the question thanks, I will go and have a gander at a few and make an informed comparison.
  15. I was thinking along the lines of a Meridian or Epicentrix for the centre, I cannot as I said put in a Proj, I don't like Plasma nor the cost 60' is the min size I prefer LCD isn't an option for size wise either. So I guess I could have the top of the current stand modified to suit. I suppose the real question is 1080p that superior to 1080i in real viewing. If there isn't a quantum leap I might not even consider it, Repro's and in fact most latest gen sets are throw aways items just about as the technology is spewing forth with undercut low price copies the average punter wont know the difference between a good model and a poor one so people will just go with the new and warranty to boot. I would get next to nothing for my current set and if I could sell it at all. A quick search saw me in the $4000 mark for the 60' which is a lot less than I paid for mine when it was new, so at least the market is a lot more competitive. But I accept that as apart of the game I have too much junk I spent thousands on thats not worth a cent today stacking quietly in the garage.