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  1. Since it is likely to be encrypted a mobile phone is your best bet as decoding in software is likely to be pretty difficult.
  2. I saw this a while back too - can it record from HDTV to the internal hard-drive? - does it have a built-in web-browser?
  3. I've used the earlier version (eg the one that came with VisionPlus) and while it was miles better than the Twinham software when Spectrum's BDA drivers, Nate's DigitalWatch and NullPointer's WebScheduler came out I moved to these. I guess I prefer the low-weight feel of DigitalWatch and web access of WebScheduler. DNTVLive seems to be clunkly in comparison and it still might be difficult to run via TV screen (not a huge fan of right-click menus in this case) and would probably pick a web-based version in this case. I tend to run mine in the top-right corner while working on other things and usually use MPlayer to watch things while they are recording.
  4. Have you considered a VisionPlus but replacing the software with DigitalWatch? I find this combination supports time-shifting very well. Note that the BDA version currently doesn't have this feature - only the WDM version.
  5. I just had a look at the K-world website and noticed that there is a USB version of the VStream. Is this being investigated for Australia as well or is it just the PCI version? If so, on a 3.0GHz machine would the USB version be more or less the same in terms of performance?
  6. Will this new card support Teletext (and ideally subtitles) upon release without having to wait for a software update? Also, will there be an SDK available for people to tinker with? I have a VP Plus that I'm willing to upgrade for the first card that supports Teletext and subtitles and is stable