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  1. For members recommended me to buy a reasonable Quality Center Channel speaker and coupling it with its own Amp it has made a BIG difference to what I have before. The sound is Crispy and Clear and has some punch not like it was before on the top of the Ceiling and a Poorer Quality Center Speaker with a Long cable feed by the Main Amp. The Top section is for the Future Oppo Player not made yet (not the 203 not unless this fix the Issues). It has the HDMI for HDMI 1 for the LG on HDMI1 port and its HDMI for the Yamaha 3050 for the Sound + the ir Emitter for the Harmony Remote. Underneath is the Oppo 103D going to the new TV via HDMI 2 on the TV same as on the Yamaha 3050 as the Sound goes to AV2 HDMI2. Underneath that is the Panasonic DMP UB900 going to the LG on HDMI3 and Also another cable going to the Yamaha 3050 on AV 3 HDMI3 Underneath that you have ANOTHER!! Yamaha GREAT!! AX590 Amp Driving the NEW Center Channel Take note of the IR Emitters for the Harmony remote. The Whole room is controlled by this. Below is the Photo of the New Klipsch Center Channel Speaker (RP-250C) on top of the old Dali Concept. Shows how low the TV is. It imperative (i think it the word II should use) to have the center of the LG's IPS TV (up and down) Center to you eyes whist on the lounge other wise you will have grey letterbox bars (top bars Only) when watching a movie
  2. Buy it, Wall Mount it with.
  3. I test it and it a Good Tv and in one way it better than our New LG but unfortunately its not good for out long lounge and wide viewing as the LG is VERY VERY good at doing. When LG's model (last year model) LG 86 UH9500 was on Sale for $15999 the Sony was the Same price so its today its priced very good. I would get it but the only thing you should consider if Dolby vision takes off. If Dolby Vision Takes off A lot of people will regret buying something that does not have it. I will still get it for the Price as long as it suits your house and your viewing angle NO MORE 85 Inch for Sony this year. Its 75 Inch or 100 inch for a Zillion Dollars .Gruuuuuuuu.
  4. 95% of the Problem solved. One member of the House move out and even moved to the Next State. My Son is 20 and has never has a job in his life and does nothing but caused issues in our house. He is Lazy the opposite of me, I still have the worst flu in decades mixed with the Heart Attack and the Stroke is not pretty and still motivate to do things even the Big job of swapping the Hecto to the new TV. For the The Panasonic DMP UB900 Any how Back on the Topic and why Bill Lynn was not playing correctly and it was me having the setting incorrectly. Have a look at below as I selected 4.2.0. It should have been 4.4.4 output. Selected the one above, the rest is history It should be like this for The Panasonic DMP UB900
  5. I have members of my family taking advantage of me after the stroke because I can not talk and write probably . I am sick of it. If its not sorted out It will be time to start what left of my life elsewhere. Thank you guys You are in one way my real family
  6. Byall I'm sickofpeoplepicking on my. I need a permany break.
  7. Problem fixed!!!! Yes it was my setting in the Panasonic DMP UB900 that was causing the Ussue. After this I Tested all the 4 HDMI'd and all were the same. I tested very easily by swapping the HDMI leads (turned everything off first) behind the cabinet and for HDMI 4 it was a little harder because this cable goes to the Sat section but it worked 100%. For All the Public reading this buy this Movie Billy Lynn's Long Halfway Walk because this movie will test you TV, Your Blu ray player, and you leads because if you do not get the below you have an issue. This is the first only 60 FPS (frames Per second) movie ever made and it surely test your system by running close to the full 18g/b per second This is what the info should look like whick means you will get the best picture quality not like before when I had BT 709. Once again thank you to EZYHD Cables for Supplying such a Long Cable and working well, even my 7M cable on HDMI 4 worked as good as the 3 different 5M ones. It will be good to see how long cable can be used and get the above figures.
  8. Thank you for this info guys. I would have had it to you earlier until I spat the dummy and threw my wireless mouse through the concrete floor because of the frustrating in my spelling or me tying on a computer because of what the Stroke did to me so please be pa intent with me CWT I have not read page 30 of the Panasonic Manual I better find it. My daughter typing, she is faster than me. All i can tell you all, Im using EZY HD Cables. they are guaranteed for 18GB, they are 5m long and i have 3 of them going from the TV, e.g. HDMI 1, HDMI 2 and HDM1 3going from the TV to the cabinets where my blu-ray players are. HDMI 1 it has its own cubby house, and is for the new Oppo 4K player that has not been made yet. HDMI 2 goes to the middle cabinet where I have my Oppo 103D. HDMI 3 is in the third cabinet down and is for my Panasonic DMPUB900 and this Panasonic I use to watch the UHD movies. I thought about the cable, but Foxtail guarantees 18GB transfer. Yes, the reason why i watched Billy Lynn last night, for the reason was to test the system and this is the only reason why and it surely failed so I want to find out, why? So what will i do? I have 2 other HDMI (HDMI 1 and 2) that I can use and if they also fail I will use the original 1m long lead that comes with the Panasonic box. If this fixes the issue the cables are no good. My daughter thinks like me, she said just in case one of the three is a dodgy cable.Its easy fixed. I will remove that one that plugs the Panasonic and move it to the 1090p Oppo and I will use which ever one for the one that needs the maximum speed. I made it this way to have sufficent cable behind the TV and sufficent cable behind the cabinets so any cable can be swapped to any socket at both the TV and cabinet ends. I will have fun on Monday. Busy tomorrow watching my favourite feeds. On the LG we have 4 HDMI inputs. The four inputs you can select "Deep Colour" and it is selected for the Panasonic to the TV. Now all HDMI video cables go directly to the LG TV via HDMI 1, 2 and 3. Ive allowed the audio to have their own 3 cables going to the AVR so by this, you can see I will have no issues with the AVR because the cables go from A to B. Anyhow if you think of anything more please tell me otherwise I will start with my testing my other two different cables that are from EZY HD and I will test and use the cable supplied with the Panasonic in the box and will soon find out if its a cable or the LG is the issue. I hope its not the cable because Ive gone through a hell of a lot of work to put these cables in and to make them very neat
  9. Jb's yesterday had buy one and get one free for UHD movies. Purchased Inferno and got Life of PI for nothing. Actually Inferno was priced $10 more on the ticket than what it was at the counter so I got it even cheaper ($40 for both)
  10. Well This is another one Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. Well The LG 86SJ957T played it back at the Exact setting as I watch POXY Free To Air TV. I had to manually change it to my ISF Dark Room settings as it though it was SDR. Have a Look below The Dynamic Range Conversion Output Message again The 4k Movie at SDR BT.709
  11. Yes I download the Latest Firmware for the TV and the Panasonic 900 . I think it was the 1.73 and it gave me the 10 0r 12 bit Priority stuff. I left it on 12 Bit. I will change my setting on the pana from 12bit to 10 bit
  12. Star Trek Beyond Is a Fake 4k with its message Dynamic Range Conversion Output Star Trek Beyond Is a Fake 4k but has the Same Specs of Planet Earth but comes up with "Dynamic Range Conversion Output"
  13. Right! I did some investigation with my camera as my brain forget things before I leave the Lounge room and I tested 7 Movies AGAIN and this time i found that 3 off them to have "Dynamic Range Conversion Output". Now of all these Movies 7 movies 6 of them were the FAKE 4K (real and Fake 4k) and one Planet Earth was the only Real 4K. What I found All of the 7 Movies regarding if they come up with HDR High Dynamic Range or Dynamic Range Conversion Output all had the same Specification when pressing The Panasonic DMP UB900 playback info button. Yes they the 7 off them had the same specification going in and going out to the LG. It a Pity that the damm LG has not got an Info button so I can really check whats going into and being accepted and used by the LG The Below I have four Photo and they are TWO "Planet Earth 2" from the REAL 4k family and TWO "Start Trek Beyond" from the Fake 4K Family and you will find that the both movies have the Same Specs but mysteriously the fake ones come up with "Dynamic Range Conversion Output".. Planet Earth Planet Earth Specification Via the Panna
  14. I have Deep Colours set for my 2 out of 4 Inputs Butttttt, I maybe should not have it enable it on the Oppo 103D 1080 P player that I use for Upscaling to 4K. All 4 HDMI inputs are capable off DEEP Colour
  15. Yes! If you look at my other post you will see that I had a issue with the New LG suffering with grey black lines when watching a 2.39 movie. Now after this I downloaded the Latest Firmware and it fixes this issue with the Backlight. Nothing said about Disk Compatible issues. If I remember correctly the Firmware was dated the 7/4/2017 Yes out of 8 disk I tested 4 now comes up with the message Dynamic Range Conversion Output. Planet Earth Is Ok and it come with High Dynamic Range and It SPARKLING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!