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  1. With regard to the new range of Oppo Blu ray players, is there any difference in terms of either video and sound quality, assuming a 1080P HTS between the new 105 compared to the BDP-95? Further, will these new models be available for sale in Australia - if so, any ideas as to delivery dates.

  2. Will the 105 be released in Australia. If so, any ideas as to the release date. Would appreciate any responses as to whether it is worth the upgrade from the 95. Many thanks and kind regards,
  3. Thanks for your prompt reply. If you know anyone who wishes to sell their Philips RFX9600 Extender, please keep me in mind. Cheers and again thanks, Anthony
  4. Hi Peter, would you be selling the Philips Pronto RFX9600 extender. If so, could you please provide details such as sale price, condition etc. Many thanks Anthony
  5. Good morning, Any idea of pricing and do you think that Lexicon will offer a trade in on either the mc12 or mc8. If so,what sort of trade in valuations will they provide? Many thanks and kind regards, Anthony
  6. Any further update on a MC8 replacement f or next year.
  7. Hello, is this gear still for sale. Kind regards, Anthony
  8. Hello, my HTS comprises of a Martin Logan Summits, ML centre and rears and a descent subwoofer, (not a Descent i). I am looking to add to this configuration by adding a further subwoofer to the speaker mix. If anyone wishes to sell their well cared for Descent subwoofer, please pm. Many thanks and kind regards.
  9. Dear spearmint. Thank you for your comments and I will certainly take on your advice. I was most surprised to hear the installers quote this price - afterall they are not the ones either buying or selling. The primary reason for inviting expressions of interests is to fast track research as to how much I would really get for the sub. I am only interested in receiving a fair price as the last thing I wish to do is to overcharge somebody.
  10. I have upgraded my HTS speakers to Martin Logan Summit and the Descent subwoofer. This has made my current subwoofer, the M&K 350THX redundant. I am thinking of selling this sub and would be interested in if there are any forum members interested in purchasing this sub. This sub is in as new condition. According to the experts when installing the martin logans, they claimed that it would be counter productive to have both the martin logan sub (Descent) and the M&Ks working together. When I asked these guys what the unit would be valued should I decide to sell, they claimed that at least $4000 should be a fair price. Please note that I am only thinking of selling this unit as I have no immediate use. I am very tempted to just store the sub for now until I could use it with another HTS say geared towards the kids, as it is that good although in my opinion the martin logan sub is awesome. Although M&K have ceased supplying product into Australia, I am sure that there maybe some forum members looking to add an additional sub to the M&K system. If there is any interest, could you please PM me for further details. Many thanks and kind regards
  11. Dear Spearmint, I would meet your $600 price if you are still interested in selling. Kind regards
  12. Anyone interested in selling their XE-1. Very keen purchaser and Melbourne based. Please PM. Kind regards
  13. Thanks Cabernet, but that model is the e1 whereas I am looking for the XE1. Cheers
  14. Hi i'm looking for a Toshiba HD DVD XE1 if anyone has one for sale at a reasonable price? (not like the outrageous prices on ebay) I live in Melbourne but willing to pay postage if there is one available interstate. Many thanks and kind regards.
  15. Hi, Could you please let me know if the XE1 is still for sale. If so, would be most interested in purchasing. Could you please send me a PM. Many thanks and kind regards